BREAKDOWN – Paul Millsap Season in Review – Part 3 By Circumstances

PART 3 – Paul Millsap based on circumstances
Here are my observations based on numerical analysis of Millsap’s season depending who we played, where we played and more
• Paul was better on the road than at home, despite going to the line less than at home.

• Paul performance look amazingly similar in wins and losses, the only change is he shots three in losses. Makes sense since it is usually late in the game when we are desperate.

• Paul plays much better against the East than the West. But he plays better in the division than out of it. His Locke offensive ranking of 17.5 inside the division is very impressive.

• Paul is better against above .500 teams with a Locke offensive ranking of 12.0 and pts per Scoring opportunity of 1.09 and against teams below .500 he is a 9.5 and 1.08. He uses more possessions going to the free throw line against the better teams.

• January and March were Paul’s best months. His Locke offensive ranking of 21 in January was off the charts, he simply made shots. He went to the line more and more as the year went on despite a lower shooting percentage. He was struck with a turnover issue in February turning it over 14% of his possessions compared to 9% in January and March. Paul struggled in Feb thius year when shots didn’t fall (45%) but otherwise was very high level all year.

• Paul was best on 0 days rest.

• Paul was a better 2nd half player and Jefferson was a better 1st half of games player.

• In final 5 minutes of a game within 6 pts Paul shot 37 of 89 for 42% and 22 of 29 from the line. When the game got inside the final 2 minutes and within 4 points he shot 17 of 35 for 49% and hit 8 of 12 free throws and with the game on the line he was 7 of 13 (final 24 seconds and 1 possession)

• Paul played his best against – Boston, Chicago, Indiana, Memphis, Milwaukee, Clippers, Minnesota and Phoenix. He struggled this year against – Atlanta (4 OT game), Knicks, Detroit, Golden State and Philadelphia.