BREAKDOWN – Paul Millsap Season in Review – Part 1 – Year to Year

Paul Millsap is the second of our season in review pieces for Locked on Jazz. We will analyze each player in 7 parts

Part 1: Year Compared to Career
Part 2: Compared to the league
Part 3: Year via circumstances
Part 4: Shooting positions on the foor
Part 5: Synergy Sports
Part 6: His impact on the floor and what line-ups worked with him on the floor
Part 7: Comparative to history

This season Paul Millsap proved he could be a starting power forward on a playoff team. He made the play of the year with the follow dunk against the Mavericks. He carried the team for a portion of January and knocked on the door of the all-star game.

However, as the season progressed defenses changed and he got less room to work. By the end of the year he was playing a new position, small forward.

Paul’s role with the Jazz was very similar to what it was a year ago. He used 16.9 possession per game for the second straight year. However, this year instead of averaging 1.16 pts per scoring attempts (his career high last year) he dipped to 1.09, a career low.

Remember that all of this year’s offensive numbers were down league wide due to the schedule and shortened training camp.

In the last two year’s Paul has gone to the free throw less than he did a in the past down to a career low 10.3% of his possessions. Too bad since he shot a career high at the free throw line.

Paul’s Locke Offensive Ranking was 11.0. League average this year was a 6.8. Last year was his best year at 18.8 on the Locke offensive rank but the league average was 10.0. Realize with the lower average with the league average drop Paul went from 88% above average to 61% not that huge.