BREAKDOWN – Al Jefferson Season in Review Part 7- Comparable Season in NBA history

PART 7 – Al Jefferson – Comparative History seasons
I used the basketball reference sort feature and sorted production by 36 minutes pts and rebs for Al and then put in shooting above .490 % but below .505% and 4 FTA per game.

This is the group that had similar win shares in a single season performances since 1980 from the offensive end

The summary is Al is somewhat unique since he jumps in here 4 different times and other than Duncan and Kemp no other player is listed twice.

A rookie Duncan and an old Duncan shows up on the list.

Perfectly, in summation of this 7 part season in review it is still very hard to zero in on who Al Jefferson is and what his value is. The final chart is basketball reference chart for similar players

That completes the Al Jefferson season in review. Please feel free to share you comments