BREAKDOWN – Al Jefferson season in review Part 4 – Shooting position on the floor

Al had the unfortunate note during the Sloan conference this season of being the player singled out as taking the most inefficient shots in the NBA.

Courtesy of the site we can look at Al via his shooting % based on spots on the floor. The league average shooting at the rim is 62.6% and Jefferson is above average. From 3 to 23 feet the league averages 38%. Al well above that.

Al’s has been amazingly consistent year to year if you look at his shooting percentage. Since coming to Utah he has been much better from 16 to 23 feet. However he has also increased that shot a great deal at the expense of free throw attempts and his shots at the rim were at a 6 year low this season.

In 2009 Al averaged 7.7 shots a game at the rim, that was pre-ACL tear and this year he is down to 4.2 shots at the rim.

Al’s proficiency from 16 to 23 feet is one of the best big men in the NBA. The only Centers that are better shooters from 16 to 23 feet that take at least 2 a game are Kurt Thomas, Marresse Speights, Tim Duncan, Chris Kaman, Spencer Hawes and Andrea Bargnani.

Al’s 4.7 attempts from 16 to 23 feet is the 2nd most of any center to only Andrea Bargnani. Jefferson’s 4.2 shots a game at the rim is 11th in the NBA, worth noting that Favors 14th in far less time.

Here is another graph on Al’s shooting this is via for the 2011-12 season

It is worth noting that Al went from using 35% of his possession in the mid-range area in 2010-11 to 41% of his shots from mid range last year. On the other hand, his restricted area play was down from 37.8% of his FGA to 30.7% of his shots. His usage in the paint non-restricted area was the exact same as a year ago.