BREAKDOWN – Al Jefferson Year in Review – Part 1 – Year to Year Career

Al Jefferson is the first of our season in review pieces for Locked on Jazz. We will analyze each player in 6 parts
Part 1: Year Compared to Career
Part 2: Compared to the league
Part 3: Year via circumstances
Part 4: Shooting positions on the foor
Part 5: Synergy Sports
Part 6: His impact on the floor and what line-ups worked with him on the floor
Part 7: Comparative to history

Al Jefferson season was a success. He led a team to the playoffs. In the biggest moments of the season he came through against Dallas and Phoenix. His off-season work in Santa Barbara allowed him to power through a 66 game torturous schedule and stay strong through the end.

Jefferson is thought of differently around the NBA then he was prior to this season. He has always been thought of a scorer on bad teams. This year he was the leading scorer and rebounder on a playoff team.

From Tyrone Corbin’s stand point the ability to go to the post and give Jefferson the ball was invaluable. Jefferson is one of the few players in the NBA who can get his shot off whenever he wants to and whenever the team needs him to get that shot off.

This is a special skill. It is a skill that may hurt some of his statistical breakdowns because of how much the team relied on him this season.


Realize all numbers are down about 15% in this lockout season. Nonetheless, this year was the least efficient year in Al Jefferson’s career. Al shot a career low FG%, EFG% and TS%. This all leads to a career low in pts per scoring opportunity.

The number that jumps out is Al only went to the free throw line 6.6% of his possessions. This is an all time low and following a disturbing trend year to year.

To his credit his % of his possessions where he committed a turnover are historically low simultaneously he had a career high in assists.

Al’s Locke offensive rating is 5.8. The league average this year was 6.55. His pts per scoring opportunity was a 1.04 league average was 1.05 and his pts per possessions used was .98 and league average is .91. He gets credit for his lack of turnovers this year in that last metric.