BREAKDOWN – Al Jefferson in review – Part 2: Compared to rest of NBA


Here is a graph of other big men players with a similar Locke offensive ranking to Al. This is not the entire league just the big men close to Al. The league average this year was 6.55. The best in the league were Manu at 44; Durant at 42 and the best go to guy big man is Bynum at 27 and Kevin Love at 25.


Notice the Jack % is the time in between each possession used no other player in this group other than David West and Brandon Bass uses possessions at this level.

Al also gets credit in the Locke offensive ranking for the amount of shot he takes.

Only Channing Frye and Jon Leuer go the line less than Al does in this group.

Al looks much more favorable in a pts per possession breakdown. Here are the players similar to Al in pts per possession. Bynum comes in 13th of big men in the NBA in pts per possession so Al is 21st in pts per possession of big men in the NBA.


This puts Al into a more elite class of players. His amazing season of not turning the ball over really helps him a great deal in this numeric’s. In case you missed it in April Al Jefferson had 30 assist and 4 turnovers.

Most of the go to big men are listed here. Al makes this group solely based on his lack of turnovers. Al had the 2nd lowest % of possessions resulting in a turnover of any big man who played 500 minutes, only Matt Bonner was better.

The Cringe shows he doesn’t use a possession as well, his TS%is the lowest of any player here and he is the only player with an EFG% below 50% other than Chris Bosh.

Al also had the 21st lowest rate of using possession to shot free throws. The graph below shows players similar to Al in % of possessions used on free throws.

Boozer, Brand and Scola are interesting names in this bunch.

NEXT PART 3 — Al via game circumstances, home/road/clutch/4th quarter/etc