INSIDER – Gordon Hayward compared to draft class

For all the talk about how this year’s draft class was affected by not having a summer league or training camp it was the 2nd year players that may have had the biggest impact.

However, the #9 pick of the 2010 draft Utah Jazz Gordon Hayward looks very strong compared to the rest of his draft class.

* Gordon Hayward finished 3rd in his draft class in minutes played behind only John Wall and Greg Monroe

* According to @bball_ref Gordon Hayward was 3rd in his draft class in win share behind only Monroe and Paul George

* Gordon Hayward ranked 2nd in his draft class in Locke Offensive Ranking behind only Greg Monroe

* Only players in Gordon Hayward draft class who went to the free throw a high percent of their possessions, Derrick Favors and John Wall

* Gordon Hayward ranked #1 in his draft class of players who played 1,000 mins at 1.14 pts per scoring opportunity (pts/(FGA+ trips to line)