Emptying the Noggin – The Season Ends

Emptying the Noggin
• Sorry I don’t have a lot to say tonight.

• I remember as a kid staring at the television as a kid at the end of the final World Series game realizing my best friends (baseball) was leaving me again until April. Tonight, I feel the same way. I won’t drive back into the arena for 5 months to call a game. It will be 5 months until I see most of these guys again and many of them I won’t see in a Jazz uniform again. It is a sad sad feeling.

• This team is not up to the task of beating the Spurs. The Spurs are fabulous. They had an answer for everything with everyone on the roster.

• There is a lot to analyze, lots to look at. We have an off-season for that and I am not going anywhere, the site will be active and going all off-season.

• Tonight I want to put the focus on how fun this ride. Bottom line if you listed the things you wanted accomplished this season the Jazz were able to accomplish almost everything on the list. Hayward and Favors are ready to assert themselves. Burks and Kanter got a taste. Corbin established himself as the leader of the franchise. Millsap and Jefferson fought for all 66 to get the team into the playoffs. Harris found a way to play with this team. Guys we never thought we would root for made huge impacts, Howard, Tinsley, Carroll, etc. Watson said it early that this team would make the playoffs and made his teammates believe and they did it.

• Talk to you soon. Jazz Nation never sleeps. Lots of coverage coming.