BREAKDOWN – Jazz offense in Game 3- what is working, what isn’t and why they can’t get what they usually do

Taking a look at the synergy numbers from Game 3 and the Spurs defense is holding form.

The Jazz best success was on the pick and roll with the ball handler. The Spurs entered the series #29 in the NBA at deal with the pick and roll ball handler. The Jazz were 6 of 12 in Game 3 when the pick and roll ball handler shot the ball.

However, the Jazz this season were a post up team. Against the Spurs they are getting nothing. In Game 3 the Jazz were 6 of 17 on post up plays. 18% of the Jazz plays were post up, but they garnered just .65 pts per possession on those post ups.

Throughout the season the Jazz have not been a good spot up shooting team and that has been true in the series as well. In Game 3, the Jazz shot just 6 of 15 on spot-ups hitting 3 of 8 from three. Giving the Jazz 1 pt per possession which is better than the .82 they average for the game.

Two other areas that are causing an offensive struggle are the Jazz inability to finish on offensive rebounds 2 of 7in Game 3; they did draw fouls three times but the free throw shooting left a lot to be desired.

Finally, the Jazz had a lot of talking of increasing transition and they had 12% of their possessions in transition but they scored on just 54% of 13 transition opportunities. Shooting 5 of 10.

The best part of the Jazz offense this year was their off the cut game, Jazz were #9 team in NBA off cuts and #4cuts . The Spurs have completely eliminated it allowing for just 7 plays off cuts and just 2 plays off hand offs. When the other team knows your plays this far into the playoffs it gets difficult to get these type of plays and that is the essence of the Jazz offense.