FILM STUDY – What Spurs have done to Al Jefferson


Film: Game 2 v. Spurs

1st Quarter
Starting lineup
AL gets touch up top on handoff to Devin no chance to make impact.
Al gets pushed off block by Duncan. Comes out for pick and roll with Harris gets ball on pocker pass at free throw line passes to Millsap.
Terrible outlet pass for a turnover
No touch
Gets ball mid block left side, Duncan swipes at it when he straightens up, then bumps and back. Duncan 1 on 1 defense. Al awkward fading shot to the middle. Miss
Touch at left elbow. Passes. Never fights to be part of the play
Catch high block left side, straightens up, Duncan swipes puts back to Duncan works to middle fades and misses. Duncan 1 on 1
Hayward quick 3 – no touch for Al no posession for Jazz- Jazz go to 0 for 7.
Catch left elbow straight up on Duncan, puts in on the floor neat spin mover and reverse side lay-up – GOOD
Gordon sets cross screen. Harris pass over Al head in the post – Awful play
No touch – Hayward turnover on entry pass to Millsap on other side of the floor.
No touch – Josh Howard baseline jumper GOOD
Al with really nice pass to Millsap in the post from the right wing to Millsap in the post for 2.
no touch – transition Hayward misses open three
deep left block – puts on floor when he spins to baseline double team comes and he passes out of the double. Harris gets open three and misses
No touch – transition – turnover on Millsap
Only touch was a swing pass from top of the key
No touch – Posting on DeJuan Blair – Hawyard swings to the top and comes back to Hayward for missed 3 open shot .
no touch – transition Hayward gets fouled
no touch – transition Howard dunk
no touch – posting on Blair – Howard swings up to Tinsley – Tinsley ends up taking three
no touch – Caroll transition turnover

2nd Quarter
No one comes to set pick for Carroll and bad pass leads turnover – worst possession of the night.
Left block catch – tripled teamed immediately kicks out to Burks who mis shot.
Swings pass from left to right side but no offensive touch – Millsap miss on drive
Catches Left block, straightens up on Duncan, Duncan knocks it away and Al bumps and backs to the middle for a fader and misses.
Sets high pick for Harris, cross court pass to Burks who misses on drive
No touch – Harris turnvoer on travel
No touch – Millsap fails going 1 on 1 on Duncan
No touch – Howard misses 16 footer.
Catches low left block – Greeen shades at him. Duncan 1 on 1. Weezy shot from 14 in no good.
No touch – Hayward misses open 18 footer.
Catch at free throw line – wide open jumper from 15 no good. wide open
No touch – Howard drive
No touch – Millsap 1 on 1