Emptying the Noggin – Jazz fall down 0-3 staring at the exit sign

Emptying the Noggin
• As hard as it is as a fan sometimes you have to just tip your hat and say hey the other guys are really good too.

• The Jazz played hard, they made mistakes, but for the most part they played well, they battled and they gave what they have to offer to combat the Spurs. The Spurs are remarkable they have an answer from everywhere. Splitter was great for them. Duncan carried the offense. Parker is Parker, their shooters are shooters. They are loaded.

• The Spurs have won 21 of their last 24 road games. Two of those they didn’t play their best players. I can make the claim they have won 20 of the last 21 road game. The best road team ever in the NBA was 31-7 (they played some neutral floor game).

• Favors continues to show he is ready. Favors finished 15 pts and 11 rebounds, but was 5 of 14 shooting and 5 of 10 from the line. He is not a finished offensive package and he wasn’t able to beat Matt Bonner in the post and he is not a player you can go to in the post with consistency yet, but he impacts games, he is the best athlete with the most power on the game. He will give the Jazz an advantage every night he is on the floor. If he doesn’t start in Game 4 it will be the last time in his NBA career if they lose.

• Tyrone Corbin has been very concerned about the big line-up all series. I think he might have been correct. It has a hard time against the Spurs. Truly, Paul Millsap is not an every game three and makes it have some issues. Against the Spurs the Jazz couldn’t find an advantage. Favors had a hard time beating Matt Bonner in the post, Millsap has no edge on Stephen Jackson and Jefferson isn’t making hey against Jefferson

• When the big lineup is not the answer then Corbin is forced to bench either Millsap or Jefferson and those guys carried the team to this point which makes that a very tough call for a coach to humiliate one of your guys that put it out for you all season.

• Al Jefferson was better offensively tonight but he is not quick enough on pick and roll defense to be able to have an impact on the ball handler and get back to his man. He just doesn’t get there in time. It became abundantly clear when Splitter beat him on a few plays in a row. Long term the Jazz have to figure out if with Favors they can hide Jefferson’s defensive deficiencies.

• Tyrone did some nice things tonight guarding Parker – Hayward and Carroll both spent time on him when Green was in the game. Green’s limited game allow Harris to guard him. But the Spurs have answers for almost everything and when Manu is in the game then Hayward or Carroll has to guard him and Harris goes back on Parker. Harris offense took off when he no longer had to guard Parker but seemed to diminish when he was back on Parker for most of the 2nd half.

• The Jazz have struggled to score this entire series and it happened again the second half when the Jazz shot 7 of 19 in the 3rd quarter and opened the 4th quarter going 4 of 15. Can’t beat a team as good offensively as San Antonio when you got 11 of 34 from the field for most of the 2nd half.

• Manu played 28 minutes- Spurs have won 83% of their games when he plays 25 in the last two years.

• Enes Kanter and Alec Burks were very good tonight. Burks was an offensive boost for the team in the 2nd quarter – he made some mistakes in the second half but he showed great confidence and played with unabashed aggressiveness. Kanter was terrific on pick and roll defense. Much improved on Splitter. Kanter had plays where his youth showed but that is what this is about.

• Paul Millsap had to play a lot of the night at the three and that takes him out of what usually makes him effective. Millsap was 4 of 12 tonight. He shot only 48% in April which was largely because of playing in the big lineup. He is not a natural three.

• Hayward has not shot well in this series. It is worth going back to look at film and see if Spurs are doing things that are forcing him into bad shots or off his game. To me his feet look less balanced when he shots. He usually has a wide base and tonight he didn’t as often. Some of his offensive weakness may have been being put on Parker on the defensive end.

• Parker plays better offensive against the Jazz than any team in the NBA. Parker has scored 20 or more in 13 of the last 16 games against the Jazz

• DeMarre Carroll brought a lot of energy

• Jazz had some terrible offensive possessions tonight and you can’t afford to have any

• Jazz shot 14 of 26 from the free throw line – TERRIBLE

• The Spurs are great. If they win the title they will need to be put amongst the elite teams of the NBA. They are experienced and talented enough to expose every weaknesses you have. They play disciplined basketball that makes players inadequacies show up in bold face.

• Yes this is worth it and good for the future.