BREAKDOWN – 10 things that must happen for Jazz to win Game 3

How the Utah Jazz win game 3
1) Muck the game up. The Spurs are a rhythm team and you have to break the rhythm.

2) Early start. The Spurs are nearly unbeatable if you play from behind. Spurs are 43-2 when they lead at the half. Jazz last held the lead with 5:30 left in 1st quarter of Game 1

3) Make jump shots. Harris and Hayward have to hit outside shots. They have been given good looks and they have to hit them.

4) The Spurs will give up the 16 to 23 foot jumper and the Jazz are a combined 10-40 on these shots. They are not high percentage but the league hit 38% and for the season the Jazz hit 37%. Spurs allow the 2nd highest percentage in the NBA 41%

5) Al Jefferson has to make an impact on the game offensively.

6) The Jazz did a nice job turning Tony Parker into a jump shooter in Game 2 and they need to do it again.

7) Wild Card – somebody has to give the Jazz a wild card performance we wouldn’t anticipate, Howard, Tinsley, Carroll, Burks or Kanter.

8) Offensive rebound – The Jazz will be on the short end of the three point ledger they need to make that up somewhere and Jazz are the #2 offensive rebounding team in the NBA and they need to have an equally big advantage on the offensive glass

9) Late game someone has to make plays. The Jazz have almost no one on their roster who has played a close playoff game and the Spurs have done it a ton. If the Jazz can win it will have to be close and someone will have to make plays