BREAKDOWN – 10 reasons why Spurs are so good offensively

Top 10 reasons the Spurs are so hard to defend

1) Tim Duncan busts his butt down the floor and sets himself deep in the lane for the first pick. He usually sets the pick at about 14 feet with one foot in the lane. The low pick and roll is deadly.
2) Tony Parker aggressively turns the corner on the pick and roll with amazing speed.
3) How quickly they get into the offense. They speed up the court and start the offense with the first pick usually somewhere between 18 and 20 on the shot clock. Not only does your team have almost no chance to get set defensively, but if you do defend it well they have enough time to re-set and start the play again
4) Greg Popovich is a stickler for floor spacing and they are always on the correct spot on the floor.
5) Shooter, shooters and shooters. With the great floor spacing and the terrific shooters the middle of the floor is wide open.
6) Shooter, shooters and shooters. It is all nice to be perfect in your spacing and timing but you have to make shots.
7) Pass without looking. Because they are so particular with the floor spacing they make passes they should never consider and with an alacrity you rarely see because they know where everyone is going to be.
8) Transition, one man fast break. Tony Parker is so fast that he is a one man fast break and when the defense works so hard to cut that off then it opens up the transition three where the Spurs are the best in the NBA.
9) Rhythm – They play with a bounce and a rhythm. To slow them down you have to break their rhythm of movement.
10) Manu. When all else fails Manu is able to make plays. The offense rarely breaks down to the point of make a play basketball but when it does he can make a play.