PLAYBOOK – Al Jefferson pick and roll defense – up or zone?

I went through all the pick and roll defenses by the Jazz and Al Jefferson approach in Game 1 was to zone the lane.

Interestingly, when asked on Monday what the Jazz needed to do on the pick and roll he said “You got to be up, what gets a lot of bigs in trouble you helping and Tim Duncan so good, but you got be up to help to help them guards, because Tony Parker coming off the pick and roll with the big back is a mismatch Tony Parker coming at you full speed. The way to stop it is to be up. Try to be up and be ready to move with him ”

Here are examples of Al Jefferson in the 1st quarter v. the Spurs in game 1.

Maybe his quote is the adjustment for game 2. I am really not sure what he was asked to do by the coaches, but he consistently did the same thing in Game 1.