FILM STUDY – Spurs offensive play by play 1st quarter

Spurs Possessions – BOLD MEANS SCORES
1st Quarter
1) Duncan left block – Duncan miss on Jefferson – well defrend
2) Duncan left block – isolation on Jefferson scores. Cut off initial pick and roll
3) Duncan right block – Duncan misses over Jefferson
4) Parker/Duncan high pick and roll – Defended well – Parker turnover
5) Diaw Right Block – Baseline spin on Millsap for two
6) Diaw Drive to Leonard – Diaw drives on Millsap into the lane over shoulder to Leonard
7) Parker/Duncan side pick and roll – Dish out to Green misses open three
8) Duncan handoff to Parker – very well defended by Harris for a miss in the lane
9) Parker/Duncan pick and roll – pick at 18 on clock Parker easy floater in the lane
10) Parker/Diaw/Duncan double pick – – pick at 17 on clock – Parker misses open 15 footer.
11) Parker/Duncan pick and roll – early at 20 on clock – Millsap strips Duncan
12) Ginobili Jumper off in bound – hits from right baseline 16 footer
13) Parker off double curl – Parker comes off baseline and catches hits runner in lane.
14) Fast Break Diaw – Parker pushes gets into the lane no problem finds Diaw 3 pt play
15) Parker pull up – Jazz deny the Ginboli/Diaw pick and roll and Spurs swing to Parker who misses
16) Ginobili/Duncan pick and roll – Jazz defend it well and Duncan reverses to Jackson for jumper
17) Parker/Duncan pick and roll – early set at 18 – Jackson misses three from the top
18) Jackson straight line drive – offensive rebound out to Jackson who straight-line to the hoop
19) Fast Break Dunk Manu – Duncan throws an amazing outlet pass
20) Jackson/Splitter pick and roll – defended only ok Jackson got deep in paint, great close by Favs
21) Neal /Splitter pick and roll – Neal open for 16 footer. Jefferson zoning area.
22) Manu/Splitter pick and roll – Jefferson show harder on Manu Splitter slips wide open and misses layup
23) Bonner spot up 3 – Neal/Splitter pick and roll started it – Jefferson showed hard. Favors slides to Splitter and then Bonner is open in corner.
24) Manu misses jumper – Off inbound Manu deeks Gordon gets wide open but misses
25) Splitter tip in on o-rebound – Kanter gets pushed out but he battled harder than I thought when it happened.