BREAKDOWN – Who has handled Tony Parker

With all the focus on Tony Parker who has guarded him well. Parker exploded 4 years ago so I ran the numbers for Parker’s performance over the last 4 year per opponent.

There are multiple ways to look at Parker and his performance. The first area was his pts per scoring attempt. This is points divided by (shots and trips to the line).

Strangely the #1 team is New Jersey who had Devin Harris at the point guard for most of the meetings. Parker averages .90 pts per scoring opportunity.

Milwaukee is next at .99 and then Boston at 1.00. Boston is really obvious with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett their has not been a better defensive connection in the NBA. The Bucks have been a great defensive team but that is surprising in this match-up.

Other teams that came in with good numbers were, Charlotte and Chicago at 1.02 and Memphis at 1.03.

Memphis is the only Western Conference team in this group. Houston and Dallas come in at 1.05 as the next best Western Conference teams.

The next item to look at is assists per game. Utah is one of the best at just 5.9 but that is because of the way he is scoring.

Other teams that have kept his assists down. New Jersey again is on the list at 5.83. Also Miami, Portland and Dallas.