BREAKDOWN – Do the Jazz have toughest time guarding Tony Parker?

Tony Parker has scored 20 or more against the Jazz in 12 of his last 14 games. Over the last 4 years he has averaged 22 pts and shot 53%. Has Parker had more success against the Jazz than any other team in the NBA?

I ran the numbers for Parker over the last 4 years against each opponent. Using one of my favorite metrics pts per scoring opportunities (pts divided by shots and trips to the line) I compared his performance against the Jazz to all other teams.

Against the Jazz Parker averages 1.26 pts per scoring opportunity the highest of any opponent. The next is Washington at 1.24 and then 1.19 against New York and New Orleans.

The Jazz have been able to keep him away from assists at just 5.9.

The stunner is Tony Parker goes to the free throw line in 17% of his possession against the Jazz and the next closest is 13.9% of his possession against Minnesota and 12.7 v. Detroit, no other team allows more than 11% of possessions to the free throw line.

My Locke Offensive ranking which values to use of an individual possession as well as the ability to get a shot off has Parker with a 36.5 v. the Jazz and the next highest is 27.6 v. New York. He has a Locke offensive ranking of 14.2 for the 4 year period and is over 20 against only Utah, Denver, Clippers, New Orleans, New York, Washington and Orlando.

The good news is the lowest Locke offensive ranking is far and away New Jersey, then Milwaukee and Boston.

So, yes the argument can be made the Jazz are the worst in the NBA at defending Tony Parker