BREAKDOWN – Where the Jazz offense broke down in Game 1

The Jazz offensive efficiency for Game 1 was 96.8 pts per 100 possessions, the 11th worst of the season. The Jazz are 0-11 this year when they score less than 97 points per 100 possessions.

Looking at Synergy Sports numbers here is where the Jazz offense struggled.

The Jazz got 14% of their offense in transition which is a decent number and right about their season average The Jazz were 5 of 9 shooting but got to the foul line and scored on 66.7% of their plays. These are better than their season average. Devin Harris today said the Jazz need to get into more transition and he is correct this was the best way for the Jazz to score in the game.

The Jazz used 13% of their offense on spot ups. The Jazz are not a good spot up team ranking 26th in the NBA. They usually use about 18% of the offense on these plays. Yesterday they were 4 of 14 shooting on spot ups and just 2 of 10 from three. This must improve. For the season they hit 36% from the field and 34% from three.

The Jazz ran 16% of their offense on the post up. They shot 7 of 15 on post up plays and had 1 turnover and 1 time they were fouled. The Jazz averaged .94 pts per post up which is better than the season average of .86.
The sign the Jazz offense was clicking is the Jazz are a very poor isolation team. They are 26th in the NBA on isolations and they ended up in isolation 18 times or 17% of the possessions. The jazz were just 4 of 13 and scored on just 38.9% of the isolation plays.

The Spurs are one of the worst pick and roll defensive teams against the ball handler in the NBA, but the Jazz were unable to exploit that running only 14 plays that ended in pick and roll. 9 of them ended with the ball handler shooting 1 of 5 and scoring on just 2 of 9 with 3 turnover. 5 times the Jazz hit the roll man and were 2 of 4 with 1 trip to the line.

The Jazz offense is largely predicated around the offensive rebound and the Jazz got just 6 plays off the offensive rebound scoring on just 3.

Lastly, the Jazz usually get 10% of their offense off the cut and this is where Paul Millsap is as good as anyone in the NBA, The Jazz average a great 1.24 pts per possession on cut plays. They got 1 in Game 1.

Parker is a major concern on defense but the Jazz have to be a good deal better offensively.