BREAKDOWN – Who are the Utah Jazz what they do well and don’t do well

Jazz use 30.7% of their possessions for shots at the rim (15th in NBA) use 15% of possessions on three (29th in the NBA), Jazz use 52% of their shots on non rim and non three which are the least efficient shots in the NBA that is 4th most in the NBA.

Jazz are the #4 team in the NBA on the hand off and #9 finding players off the cut. This is going to be hard in this series because of how much the Spurs are going to try to prevent cutters from taking their route.

A huge part of the Jazz offense is the offensive rebound. Jazz rank #11 in the NBA in offense off the offensive rebound, but it is a lot of what the Jazz do. 8% of the Jazz offense is on the pick and roll

The Jazz are #29 in the NBA on the pick and roll and use it just 7% of their plays but the Spurs don’t defend it well.
17% of the Jazz offense is on the post up. 18% of the Jazz offense is on the spot up but the Jazz are just the 26th best team in the NBA on the spot up.

Jazz are 26th in the NBA in isolations


Jazz are 29th in the NBA defending the P&R Ball Handler, teams runs it 13% of the time against the Jazz. The Jazz defense also struggles on the pure isolation plays ranking 27th in the NBA.

However, guarding post ups Jazz are 12th, defeding the spot up shot Jazz are 11th and guarding the pick and roll man the Jazz area 11th.

The Jazz are also one of the best defensive teams in the NBA against the offensive rebound.
Jazz are 11th in the NBA defending transition.