BREAKDOWN – Who are the Spurs


Spurs are far and away the #1 offensive team in the NBA

Spurs use 25.6% of their shots for three’s (#7 in the NBA) and 30.7% at the rim (14th in the NBA)

They do everything well on offense other than post ups. They rank just #25 in the NBA in post ups. However, they only use 9% of their possession on spots ups. This is why in our podcast Gordie Chiesa suggested the Jazz should let Tim Duncan try to work 1 on 1.

Spurs run 23% of their offense on spot ups and 23% of their offense on the pick and roll – with 15% staying with the ball handler and 8 % going to the pick man. The Spurs get 12% in transition.

Spurs are the #2 in the NBA on spots ups hitting 38% of their three’s and 40% of their shots averaging 1.03 pts per possession. They are the #5 team in the NBA on the pick and roll with the ball handler, shooting 50% from three (holy smokes) 39 of 78 on three off the pick and roll (TAKE A LOOK AT). They are the 1 team in the NBA on pick and roll that go to the roll man. Shootng 61%. More stunning, on the pick and roll or pick and pop they hit 60% of their three’s – 16 of 27 (Matt Bonner)

Spurs are the #1 offensive team in transition in the NBA. At 1.24 pts per possession. They hit 42% of three’s in transition.

They only run isolation 7% of the time but are 4th best in the NBA. Hit 40% of their three’s on isolation.

Of pick and roll action this year the ball handler or roll man are a combined 55 of 105 from three (52%)

They force you into the shots they want you to take. The two most effective shots in the NBA are at the rim and a three. The Spurs are 4th in the NBA at non-rim, non-three shot attempts. Forcing opponents to use 51% of their shots from that range. Only the 76ers, Phoenix and Chicago force more. Utah is middle of the pack.

The Spurs force the third most amount of shots from 10 to 23 feet, opponents use 37.5% of their shots on those attempts. Only Philly and Chicago, two of the three best defensiveteams in the NBA force a higher percentage shots from this range. Jazz opponents shot the 2nd lowest percentage of shots from 10 to 23 feet..

Spurs are the worst defensive team in the NBA on defending the pick and roll ball handler. Spurs are also worst team in the NBA at defending plays off the screen