INSIDER – Warriors win a coin flip not a game

The last piece of the Deron Williams trade is a protected first round draft currently held by the Golden State Warriors. The pick is protected, the Warriors keep it, if it between picks 1-7 in 2012; 1-7 in 2013 and 1-6 in 2014. If the pick never gets out of protection it becomes two 2nd round picks in 14 and 16.

The Warriors worked very hard this year, losing 17 of last 20 games, to finish tied for 7th place this year with the Toronto Raptors. Today the NBA did a coin flip for draft position and for the first time in over a month the Warriors wanted to win something. They did putting the Warriors in the 7th spot of the draft and the Raptors in the 8th spot.

The NBA will hold the 2012 draft lottery for the final position of draft picks. The Jazz still have a 27.5% chance of getting the pick. If any of the teams from 8 to 14 in the draft lottery move into the top 3 picks via the lottery it pushes the Warriors back to 8th and the pick becomes unprotected.

If the more likely scenario happens the Jazz will be without a first round pick and the protection for 2013 kicks in again at 1-7.

Obviously, the Jazz would love to garner this pick. However, they didn’t lose the asset entirely today as they still may get a pick in the upcoming years. As the Jazz improve with the development of Favors, Hayward, Burks and Kanter getting a good pick seems very unlikely and this is the best chance for the Jazz to get another high level talent.

The largest negative impact for the Jazz is as of this moment they have lost one of the best ways to use their trade exception. The Jazz acquire a trade exception for Memo Okur that is valued at 10.8 million dollars. The Jazz could have traded the pick and the trade exception for any player making 10.8 million or less.

You can’t aggregate the trade exception with another player so this makes using the trade exception more difficult. The trade exception expires Dec 22nd 2012. The Jazz can still use it during free agency or during next season.

The lottery is the next day of suspense with a 27.5% chance of getting the pick. If not we play this same game next year with the pick protected 1-7.