FILM STUDY – Why Parker is so tough to guard

Spurs Tony Parker is having as good a year as anyone in the NBA. The next two plays show why he is so hard to guard. These are taken out of a Memphis v. San Antonio game recently and they happened near each other.

One play #1 Parker gets a low pick from Duncan. Notice where Duncan sets the pick. Mike Conley defending Parker has no choice but to go over the pick since it is so low. The Spurs have the floor spaced perfectly but the Grizzlies are still shading into the lane. Conley could make a bit more contact but this is pretty good and he still ends up trailing. The rest of the Grizzlies play this well. Gasol covers the middle, others shade in on Parker and force him into a 15 footer. Which he makes .

On Play #2 the Grizzlies have a bigger defender OJ Mayo on Parker. They are taking away his preferred left to right action. Mayo over plays forcing Parker away from the screed by Duncan. Look at the floor spacing it is perfect. Bonner is at the top and the two other Spurs are in the corners ready to hit the corner three. This forces the Grizzlies defenders to stay close to their men and it makes the floor wide open. Notice on the first picture how Gasol is shading his area to deny the drive from Parker. However, with the floor spaced this well Gasol has no chance. Parker drives at him and the defenders are too slow to come help because the Spurs are the top Spot Up team in the NBA.