FILM STUDY – Spurs 3’s off Pick and Roll

This season the Spurs are an unreal 16 of 27 when the picker on the pick and roll shots a three – can you say Matt Bonner.

This is really important for this series because it is how the Spurs can combat the Jazz trying to go big by making the Jazz big guard on the outside.

First I looked at the pick and roll and the how the roll man gets open for three. Whenever Parker runs the pick and roll with Bonner or Diaw they flair back behind the three point line which is really tough to defend becuase their is no third defender to come rotate. Parker takes two players with him and then Bonner flairs out and he is open.

Against the Jazz we rotated with our wings but CJ Miles and Josh Howard were very slow to get back to Bonner and hit threes.

Here is a three screen shot sequence that shows how impossible this is to guard