INSIDER – Heads or Tails update on Jazz chances for Warriors pick

The Warriors win, the Warriors win and could all come down to heads or tails.

The Jazz got a huge win last night from the Golden State. To review if the Warriors end up with picks 1-7 they keep the pick. If the pick goes 8 or more the Jazz get the pick. This is after the lottery is complete.

The Warriors wins last night gives them 23 for the season (you look at wins when you think teams will lose and vice versa). The Warriors currently sit in 8th spot. However, the Raptors and the Nets both with 22 wins play each other on the final night of the season guaranteeing one of the teams will finish at 23.

The Raptors play at Milwaukee and the Nets play the Sixers before their end of the year clash. The Blazers own the Nets pick so they are a wild card who could actually try to win both games.

The Warriors finish the year with two games at home v. New Orleans and v. San Antonio, who would have nothing to play for other than #1 overall seed.

If the Warriors win one of their next two the Jazz would be in great shape.

More likely, the Warriors will end with 23 wins as will the Raptors and or the Nets. This will be a tie for the ever important 7th spot.

The NBA will divide the lottery balls equally. However, the draft position will be decided by coin flip. YES A COIN TOSS COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE JAZZ GETTNIG THE PICK OR NOT – heads or tails.