BREAKDOWN – Fun notes discovered on the plane

We are on the plane to Portland and I am just looking things up to see what I find. Here are the discoveries
• Al Jefferson has the highest assist rate of his career this year and the lowest turnover rate. The turnover rate is historically low. AL’s assist rate over the last three years is far better than the 3 years prior, he is evolving offensively.

• AL’s defensive rebounding rate of 24% is strong. It is the 19th best in the NBA. His offensive rebounding rate is at a career low.

• Al is taking one less shot at the rim per game compared to last year and is up a bit in all other areas on the floor. Since coming to Utah he shots the 16 to 23 footer at 40% up from 34% in Minnesota. Al ranks about 60th in the NBA in shooting from 16 to 23 feet.

• Gordon Hayward assist rate is way up and his turnover rate is way down this year. His assist rate is 8th among shooting guards in the NBA and would be top 10 of small forwards as well.

• Gordon Hayward is finishing at the rim at 64% this year and 63% last year. He doesn’t shot it much but he is hitting the 10 to 15 footer at 54% compared to 38% and is at 38% on the 16 to 23 footer just like last year. His entire field goal percentage drop is based on his three point shooting.

• Gordon Hayward’s overall rebounding is some of the worst in the NBA for a small forward or a shooting guard just 7% of available rebounds. He must improve this.

• Paul Millsap has improved both his offensive rebounding and his defensive rebounding this year.

• Paul Millsap shooting percentage drop this year is based on the 10 to 15 footer. He has hit it just 21% of the time this year. Last year he was 52%. He is taking the exact same amount at 1.7 a game and he is shooting the same percentage from 16 to 23 feet.

• Devin Harris is shooting a career high 3 pt percentage.

• Devin Harris is shootng 2 fewer shots at the rim per game than any year since 2007.

• Derrick Favors defensive rebounding rate is 22% up from 19%. Still could improve but much better than a year ago.

• Favors has had 12% of his shots blocked this season way up from a year ago.

• Favors is only hitting 21% of his 10 to 15 foot jumper.