Emptying the Noggin – Jazz go three extra rounds with World Champs

Emptying the Noggin
• Completely insane. A three overtime game against the world champs and the Jazz found a way to win it. Awesome effort. Insane just completely insane.

• That was a battle. A pure battle. Every possession. The Mavericks were fighting and showing the grit of a world champion and out guys battled and fought with them. The Mavericks could have let this game go numerous times and they never did which is why they won a title. They played ot last night, they were playing 4 games in 5 nights. They fought everything. The Jazz matched it.

• The Jazz played from ahead all night and that is how you have to play the Mavericks but in the final moments Vince Carter hit back to back threes to give the Mavericks their first lead since the 1st quarter. This time the tip follow was in time, with 2.2 seconds left the Paul Millsap soared in for the slam dunk and tied it sending us to Overtime.

• The Jazz had the first overtime in their grasp leading it 100-96 with 1:05 left and two free throws one as a technical and the other to finish a three point play but they missed them both Harris and Hayward with the misses and then with a chance to add more Millsap missed another and it left enough room for the amazing Dirk Nowitzki to hit a three with 3.9 seconds left to tie it at 105.

• In the 2nd overtime – Al Jefferson hit a huge shot with :29 left. I wondered if Al was trying to hard and caring too much and tonight all of that came out in an unreal night. One of the great performances by anyone in Jazz history, 28 points and 26 rebounds. The 21 defensive rebounds tonight are hard to fathom, their were only 46 potential defensive rebounds and he wasn’t on the floor the entire game.

• Finally the Jazz broke through in the 3rd overtime. Harris hit a huge 3 to give the Jazz a 118-115 with 1:38 left and then Al put the Jazz up 5 with 1:08 left.

• When we left Memphis each player had a moment they had to stew over on the plane flight that they could have done differently to lead the Jazz to a win. Tonight each one of them have a moment that lead to a victory. Hayward big defensive plays, Jefferson was a monster, Millsap made the huge plays and guarded Nowitzki most of the night and so on and so forth.

• DeMarre Carroll had a huge night. An enormous offensive rebound that never let Dallas get the possession to try to bring the game back after West made 120-118. He hit some key shots. He came in and slowed down Vince Carter for a little while and added 15 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists.

• Dirk is awesome. I think Dallas still has a chance to win the West because he is that good. Terry is the perfect compliment. They are unreal to battle with each step of the way.

• How did Al Jefferson find a enough energy to go up and block Ian Mahinmi in the overtime on one of the biggest moments of the night. Al was just a monster tonight. I can’t say that enough.

• Jazz had 4 players with 5 or more assists.

• Hayward had 24 points tonight – he still has a lot to learn to be the go to guy late in the game, Ron thought he needed to go to basket more aggressively late in the game to try to get calls.

• Delonte West is a weird duck. The finger in the ear was one of the strangest things I have seen. A lot of people are saying Gordon needed to do something, he did he kept playing and was integral in a win. You can’t afford him to go get in a fight at this point of the season or to retaliate and get ejected. We would have lost tonight and the season would have been over.

• I am sure I am missing all sorts of things but I am fried. This was awesome, these guys fight so hard and battle so hard. This was a terrific win for these guys to have after losing the tough losses in New Orleans and Memphis when they couldn’t finish. So fun to be a Jazz fan

One last thing – the refs sucked tonight both ways. The worst crew of the season.