STAT CHECK Elite Locke Offensive Rating in NBA

Each year the Locke offensive ranking breaks down with 0 being replacement level; 10 being league average – 20 being high level starter and 30+ is elite. Last year 10 players were 30 or better lead by Dirk Nowitzki at 39.. 45 players had 20 or above, which is about the usual.

In the lockout shortened season only 8 players are above 30 and only 28 players are above 20.

With that understood here are the top 38 offensive players this year in the NBA. All with a Locke offensive rating that is 17.6 or better which is about what 20 would be on a normal year

CRINGE – is how player uses individual possession compared to league average
LHM – is the LHM rating system
Activity – is former NBA coach Bob Hill’s rating system
Jack – is how many minutes per possession usage
2% – is % of possession used to shot a 2
3% – is % of possessions to shot a three
FT% – is % of possessions used to shot FT
TO% – is % of possessions the player turns it over
SO – is scoring opportunities per night – FGA + trips to line