Emptying the Noggin – Jazz push past Warriors for the win

Emptying the Noggin
• Sleepy game the Jazz finally took control of and then gave back and then took control of again and the jazz win. Won’t tell a lot of people about this one as a highlight of your team but it will count as a win when they are figuring out who makes the playoffs and if it didn’t count as a win we never needed to mention the word playoffs again this season.

• Devin Harris went on a one person 8-0 run that gave the Jazz their first sense of life in the arena. He hit two big threes. Tyrone Corbin did something interesting tonight. He played two point guards in the 2nd half of the game and this forced Klay Thompson to guard Devin Harris off the pick and roll and Harris killed him and got into the paint and got open on the outside.

• Tyrone got very short on the wings in the 1st half with Bell and Howard out and then CJ Miles hit with the nausea that is hitting this club right now. Corbin had to play Harris as the 2 guard with Watson and Tinsley and it worked. He opened the second half with the two point guards and never went away from it.

• On the topic of line-ups the Jazz tried the line-up of Millsap, Jefferson and Favors and this time it didn’t work at all.

• Al Jefferson hurt his abdominal muscle during the game and was in considerable pain and left the game immediately but returned very quickly. There is no doubt on how important it is to Al Jefferson to make the playoffs and be the leader on this team. When Al plays well offensively the Jazz win. He was 13 of 18 tonight from the field , he is 55% in wins and 45% in losses.

• The Warriors dictated lot of how this game was going. If they were hitting the three’s they would go on a run and then when they were missing the three’s the jazz would go on a run and so on and so forth. That was the game. It was loaded with runs and by the end we had 19 changes and 12 ties .

• Alec Burks who has been struggling badly with his extended role didn’t play in the 2nd half tonight . Burks is 3 of 6 in the first half a nice step in the correct direction after being 9 of his last 30 and 19 of his last 58.

• CJ Miles got his with the flu but he gave the Jazz 5 minutes at the small forward in the 2nd half that were important since Hayward has been playing 40 minutes a night for the last 7 or 8 games. Hawyard shots were all short to start the night and he finished just 1 for 5 from three, but found a way to finish with a 14 point, 4 rebound 3 assist night of 4 of 11 shooting. If that is his off night then …..

• David Lee gave Paul Millsap some tough moments. He has really become a nice scorer for the Warriors.

• Energy in the 2nd half was far better defensively. The addition of Harris and Watson in the starting line-up.

• Warriors played a lot of zone and the Jazz fought through that with some patience.

• Playing Nate Robinson 23 minutes is the Warriors version of tanking.