PLAYBOOK – Why Channing Frye is so hard to guard

I was just on 1320, K-Fan with Bags and Parks and we were talking about what pain Channing Frye is to guard. I tried to do radio telestrator and that usually sucks.

In the last two games Frye is averaging 28.5 pts against the Jazz on 22 of 34 shooting. Over the last 5 games, all Suns wins (Suns have won 6 in a row) Frye is averaging 18 pts and shooting 50% from the field and 40% from three including 11 of 20 in the last two.
Here is why he is so hard to guard.

First play is a Nash/Gortat pick and roll. With Frye on the wing. Nash is going to go to the middle, Harris probably should be forcing Nash to the baseline side. Millsap is trying to clog the paint while Favors’s responsibility is going to be to make Nash go horizontal.

Favors doesn’t get out far enough. Nash begins to turn the corner and Millsap has to slide over. Frye is a quick release and he is open. If Favors heads over farther Gortat could be open rolling the lane. The adjustment tonight might be to have Millsap clog and have CJ slide up to Frye rather than standing in no man’s land.

Or next play again is a Nash/Gortat pick and roll this time on the near side with Frye on the opposite side and Nash going away from Frye. Jefferson is stepping out on Nash to stop his progress and Millsap is going to have to get the roll man in Gortat.

Jefferson does an ok job. Millsap is pointing that someone needs to go get Frye but if Hayward leaves a cutting Dudley it is a lay-up and you know Nash will find it. Ideally, Jefferson cuts off Nash so he can make his way into the paint but let’s be real. Once Nash gets into the paint he will slice you up.

Nash actually does give it too Dudley and defense collapses nicely to prevent the lay-up but look who is wide open. I am really not sure how you prevent this other than cut off the penetration.

The next play is to show more of the picking action the Suns do to free Frye as a three point shooter and big guys are not good at getting through picks. This is the most basic of plays and the only way to defend it is to switch or fight like heck.
Grant Hill comes to the post, Dudley throws the entry pass and immediately goes and picks Frye’s man at the top of the key

Hayward could switch but the good thing here is Frye is on the move and he is much less good. He misses this shot

Last play is my favorite play in the NBA. Double high pick and roll. I think this is toughest play to guard in the NBA. The big difference here is Nash is not in the game but it still works. Frye and Lopez set picks in the early offense. Favors has Frye and Kanter is on Lopez.

After Telfair rolls Lopez goes and sets a pick on Favors. Frye pops to the top. Kanter is sagging so he is no help and Favors is dead to rights.