Emptying the Noggin – Jazz needed 48:00:01 to beat Suns only got 48:00

Emptying the Noggin
• Ouch – tip in a split second late
• Double Ouch – second time in as many home games

• A split second at the end of the game and so many plays late that we will stew over. Channing Frye banking in a three with 1:06 left with the shot clock expiring. Millsap with an amazing play stealing it from Steve Nash getting the break away foul but then missing a free throw after having made 21 straight. Nash hit two huge shots late both defended by the Jazz, the Jazz had him trapped on the final shot but let him split the double.

• Jazz had both Michael Redd and Nash trapped on the Suns final field goal and let both of them out of jail and the Suns took advantage

• We can talk about all the other aspects but the Suns were +14 with Steve Nash on the bench tonight. You can’t let Sebastian Telfair beat you.

• Jazz defense in the 2nd half was much better holding the Suns to 18/46 shooting.

• Robin Lopez had a big impact on the boards taking away the Jazz advantage of offensive rebounding.

• Gordon Hayward had his first ever double double with 20 points and 10 rebounds on 8 of 11 shooting. He also had 3 assists.

• Al Jefferson had another tough night playing the Suns. H e was 8 of 18 v. Gortat in the first game and tonight didn’t have a lot of zest and finished 7 of 15 going 2 of 2 in the 4th quarter with a huge 19 foot jumper on the wing. However, it was not the effort we have been accustomed to seeing out of Al.

• Millsap annihilated Channing Frye tonight. He took it to him and beat him with regularity . Millsap was 4 of 5 from the field in the 4th quarter and had 10 points and 3 rebounds.

• Tyrone Corbin did a nice job working his two point guards without Devin Harris. Earl Watson had Steve Nash for most of the night for defense. Jamaal Tinsley had a tough night guarding Sebastian Telfair.

• Jazz go to 2-5 since the four over time game

• CJ Miles had a really good offensive day – 22 points – 5 rebounds – 3 assists on 9 of 18 shooting.

• The Jazz start to the first and third quarter were abysmal .

• Steve Nash is great.

• When you play the young guys in really meaningful minutes like this sometimes they are tough minutes and tonight the some of the youngsters had some tough moments. A few possessions that were not as valued as they need to be.

• This is a tough loss. The Jazz are going to have to go get some games on the road if they are going to be a playoff team this year. Back to back losses at home in a playoff push makes it very difficult to make it.