Emptying the Noggin – Jazz play 4 Overtimes and fall to Hawks

Emptying the Noggin
• Four Overtime . I don’t even know where to start, plus I am completely dead.

• Big picture this is another game where this team played really hard and battled. It was a weird day. When the alarm went off to get up for shootaround it was a killer it felt like a 6:00 am wake up call. It was the first time all year I felt jet lag and time change. Then the game time was different. Anyway, the team came out really flat and lifeless. We have been talking about it that at some point this crazy stretch was going to catch up to this team and it felt like tonight was that night. But somehow these guys re-gained control of the game. They battled to the end and beyond and they had numerous chances to walk away with a win. The effort was amazing these guys were going into the tank and it was on empty and they kept finding a little more to make a play.

• The minutes are insane – Hayward 58 minutes, Harris 55 minutes, Millsap 52 minutes, Jefferson 52 minutes, CJ Miles 50 minutes.

• Jazz starters had miserable shooting nights – the starters took 99 shots and scored 100 points. Hayward went 4 of 15 but had 19 points whereas Millsap took 25 shots for 25 points and Jefferson took 27 shots for his 28 points.

• In the second quarter of the game loose balls were bouncing an extra time and shots were coming up short as both teams were spent and the game went 4 overtimes. First time in Utah Jazz history they have played 4 overtimes

• The Jazz had the final shot in regulation and the first three overtimes. At the end of regulation, Millsap had a great look from 5 feet out to end the night, then Harris was forced into a tough fade away three in first overtime, Harris had a decent look at a 19 footer at the end of the 2nd overtime, Jefferson missed a 10 footer with 8 secs left Millsap got the rebound and the Jazz had another shot when Millsap missed an 18 footer.

• The Hawks had to make some looks to stay alive. Marvin Williams hit a baseline 17 footer with :29 secs to time in the 3rd overtime, Joe Johnson hit a huge three over Al Jefferson with 7.5 seconds left to tie

• Joe Johnson dominated the first quarter going 8/8 and then dominated the 4th overtime to win it for the Hawks. Joe johsnon went 0 for 3 in the 2nd quarter, 1 for 3 in the 3rd, 0 for 2 in the 4th quarter and then 2 for 8 in the first three overtimes before finally getting going in the 4th quarter.

• Gordon Hayward had an invisible first half but his play to ignite the second half was key. Millsap took it to Josh Smith and got him in foul trouble. CJ Miles hit two big threes and clamped down on Joe Johnson defensively and the Jazz got back into the game with a huge 28-9 run. Millsap had 11 points in the third quarter.

• CJ has made huge strides defensively. He still makes plays that make you scratch your head but he is much improved.

• Lots of twitter action about the lack of subs. Really it was the case on both side. Willie Green was the only sub from Atlanta. I think it is a legitimate discussion because I thought guys were gassed but I didn’t see a lot of people with specific answers to what they were doing. Favors needs to play more than 19 minutes not because it is the overtime but because he is good if not better than the other guys but who were you taking out of the game and when. Jefferson’s inability to guard the pick and roll in the open floor was an issue for a while but then how are you scoring Millsap was 10 of 25 tonight. Burks for CJ could be a possible move but CJ had held down Joe Johnson as we showed earlier for 3 of 16 since the 1st quarter. It is never as easy as just make the change, when and for whom and how.

• I do agree that we could do more offense defense substitutions. This is not something Coach Sloan did very much of in year’s past either.

• Josh Smith is my captain of the “glad he is on other team” team

• Favors dominated the game again for a period of the 3rd quarter and 4th after a slow 1st half. In 7 second half minutes he had 10 points and 2 rebounds

• Back at it tomorrow. This is going to come back and cost them at some point on this trip or in the next week or two.

• Historical night thanks for making the ride with us.