BREAKDOWN – Jimmer compared to rookies of the past

I just ran a player similarity projection on Jimmer’s rookie year. I sorted rookie guards who played between 10 and 30 minutes a games, shot below 40% from the field but above 35% from three.
Jimmer is playing 19 mins, shooting 38.5 from the field and 37% from three.
The players who appear who are also of similar age to Jimmer are the following

21 years or older
Chris Duhon – Jimmer should be a better offensive player, Duhon known as defender
Sarunas Jasikevicius – great European player who came to the league at 29 and played for a few years.
Steve Blake – this may turn out to be a very good comp for Jimmer in his career.
Kirk Synder – enough said
Goran Dragic – interesting possibility for Jimmer.
Trajan Langdon – high pick (#9) out of Duke who never could cut it in the NBA
Voshon Lenard – was a spot up shooter for about 7 years in the league before an achillies

Other players show up who didn’t last in the league. JR Bremer, Tracy Moore, Terry Dehere, Allan Ray, Juaquin Hawkins, Chris Robinson, Rick Brunson, Chris Herren, Ed Gray, Ricky Wilson.

Of players who played over 500 minutes in their rookie year and fulfilled the above requirements, 5 of the 16 have had lengthy NBA careers.

An under 21 comparable is Jamal Crawford. Crawford played just 1 year of college. As I have noted before and discussed in a podcast with Kevin Pelton 4 year seniors develop very little compared to younger players once they get into the NBA.

Must be noted that this year’s numbers are down across the board and Jimmer’s comp should be aware of that.