Emptying the Noggin – After Favors and the Jazz beat the Warriors

Emptying the Noggin
• We can all love intangibles, we can all love guts but it takes a really special talent to catch the ball on the run on a pick and roll make the catch at 8 feet rise up through traffic take contact and dunk. That is just insane.

• The play Gordon Hayward made to change the game was one that only elite talents can make. A trailing block, a coast to coast dribble and then in traffic rising up to slam it home. That is what high draft picks bring to the table.

• Derrick Favors was marvelous tonight. He is becoming a very good pick and roll offensive player. More importantly , he owned the glass. He was the best player on the floor. Even the shots that didn’t go in seemed like they had a chance.

• 23 points, 17 rebounds 2 assists, 1 steal and a huge block shot on the final play of the game in 33 minutes for Derrick Favors. Have to assume Derrick Favors is the youngest Jazz player to ever lead his team in point and rebounds in the same game.

• Favors had only taken 3 free throws in his NBA career in the final 2 minutes of a game within 4 points when he went to the line to tie the game. He hit it.

• In the first half Derrick Favors had 6 free throws. Al Jefferson has shot 6 free throws in 6 games all season (Jazz are 5-1 in those games)

• Jazz closed the game with Harris, Hayward, Burks, Favors and Millsap

• Millsap had a miserable night getting shots and carrying the load without Jefferson. He stayed in the game and kept battling. It was the essence of Millsap. Struggling due to his lack of height but battling and staying in the game with work to be able

• Tinsley was very good in the first half. He was not as strong in his second half stint but he has done a really good job.

• Tyrone Corbin’s job is getting more and more difficult every night. Tonight as we headed to overtime I wondered if he was going to go to Tinsley instead of Harris. Which means that every position now has a player who is playing as well as the other player at the position.

• Kanter had 13 rebounds in 20 minutes and played super good defense on David Lee. He broke Lee’s rhythm and he never re-gained it.

• The Jazz didn’t allow an offenisve rebound in the 2nd half of the game.

• Alec Burks notched 29 vey solid minutes. He was solid. That is it. Solid. He shouldn’t need to or be expected to be great every night. He is a rookie, he is growing and tonight he was solid and held his own.

• Tyrone Corbin told me before the game he likes how Burks and Hayward play together and how they are learning to play together.

• Tyrone did a nice job tonight stretching out the minutes of Enes Kanter to give Favors and Millsap enough rest and he used Evans against a small line-up where he could be effective.

• I hate to point this out on such a fun night but the Warriors are not a good team and they were playing on the back end of a back to back. The Jazz shouldn’t really struggle to win a game like this. However, they played a lot of young guys who made mistakes as well as the great plays we saw. That kept the game close. The offense really struggled without a guy they could go to. Millsap couldn’t do it. Favors can’t do it, yet so the team really struggled to score, shooting 42%.

• The key however is learning to win. Gaining an identity for these young players for the future. Kevin O’Connor talks about meaningful minutes. These are meaningful minutes and Hayward, Burks, Kanter and most of all Favors are a little different right now then they were when the night started.