PLAYBOOK – The anatomy of an almost perfect inbound

The Jazz had the ball with .7 seconds to play and Tyrone Corbin and his staff drew up the perfect inbound pass to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves. The only issue is that Paul Millsap somehow missed the lay-up.

This was a perfectly executed play. The Jazz start in the picked fence at the free throw line. Harris makes the first action from the end of the fence toward the ball bringing his defender with him.

Harris continues toward the ball curls to the sideline. Ridnour of Minnesota protects the corner for the pass to Harris. This allows Tinsley great sight lines. Perfectly timed Hayward makes a flair to the basket. Millsap is holding onto Love waiting for the pick to come.

Harris continues his route. Hayward stops and comes back to set a back pick on Love. Jefferson slides to the left wing to open the passing lane and bring his man with him. Hayward’s pick is a thing of beauty.

Tinsley let’s the pass fly before Millsap is all the way open. Great anticipation. Jefferson’s well timed movement to the wing has opened up the play for Tinsley to get the ball to Millsap. Webster is guarding Harris and realizes that Millsap is breaking to the basket off the pick but because everything is so well timed he is too far up the lane to make an impact. Wes Johnson is overplaying Hayward trying to make sure he doesn’t come open and never realizes he needs to help on Love.

We can stop the play here because it is all perfect. The pass is perfect. The timing was impeccable. The cuts were sharp and by the time the Wolves had a chance to react it was too late. Worth noting that Devin Harris is going to be very open at the top as well.