Emptying the Noggin – After the Jazz win over the Wolves

Emptying the Noggin
• GREAT WIN !!! Character, Fight, Determination, Perseverance – We are Utah Jazz !!

• This is a huge win for so many reasons. They win the season series with the Timberwolves. Had they lost they would have dropped two in a row to Western Conference playoff opponents and been on the verge of being out of the race. After the end of regulation to hold together and win in overtime is team building.

• Best moment of the night was the team huddling at mid court before going into the final timeout of the overtime. They just needed a moment tonight to share the victory. Love that. Harris, Burks, Hayward, Millsap and Favors finished the game.

• Millsap had 8 steals tonight – 6 of them in the final 12:38 he was on the floor. Kevin Love hurt his thumb on his left hand and after that Millsap took advantage and was swiping the ball left and right. Millsap is just the third Jazz player to ever have 8 steals in a game, Kirilenko and Stockton the other two. Stockton did nine time. Kirilenko once. Millsap is the first forward since 2006 to get 8 steals in a game.

• The Jazz tried to lose this one. Hayward missed the free throw, the offensive rebound and then an unbelievable missed layup by Millsap . The Jazz ran a gorgeous out of bounds play. Hayward set a bone crushing pick on Pekovic and Millsap was wide open at the rim for a game winning layup and it went swirled out. The Wolves closed on a 13-2 run to push the game to overtime. It was eerily similar to the Jazz collapse in Minnesota.

• Kevin O’Connor talks about “meaningful minutes” these were very meaningful minutes.

• Alec Burks played 31 minutes tonight. Scott Layden gave him great praise at halftime for being ready and playing with focus and inside the game. He finished with 15 points on 6 of 8 shooting and he played very good defense. He believes he can play. Everytime he gets on the floor he just re-enforces his belief and he is right. The kid can score.

• Favors defense tonight was game changing. His energy on the offensive glass lead to a career high 16 rebounds but his 8 defensive rebounds might be the most important aspect of his game. Favors also had a career high blocks. He did this in 22:36 of playing time. He is really coming into his own.

• Corbin ran a crew of Tinsley, Burks, Hayward, Favors and Kanter and then with Millsap for an extended stretch. They played great defense. This team has been dreadful defensive team recently and this was refreshing.

• Gordon Hayward had another really strong night – 26 points on 9 of 17 shooting. He is playing much more confidently and he willing to fire the shot up without the hesitation he had going earlier this year.

• Jamaal Tinsley has stayed in great shape with a crazy routine of running 6 miles on a treadmill before shootaround on game days and then going to the gym at 3:00 with Scott Layden and shotting for an hour before going back and running more at the arena since he has not been playing. It has kept him ready and he has been able to perform. He has been really terrific for the Jazz in the three games he has gotten considerable minutes.

• Al Jefferson battled on the glass, despite not having a good shooting night. He is not a good defender in space and I am not sure he is going to become one but he must hustle on all the other plays.

• The defensive rebounding tonight was as important as anything the Jazz did. Minnesota had zero offensive rebounds in the 1st quarter and only 2 in the first half. Only 4 by the end of the third quarter. This was vital against a good offensive rebounding team.

• Wesley Johnson was drafted ahead of Gordon Hayward

• Martell Webster is your over dipped oreo

• I will say this again. The Jazz have a chance to make the playoffs because they have such a significant home court advantage. If the Jazz can match have the same amount of home losses as road wins they make the playoffs