Emptying the Noggin – Jazz finish road trip with loss to Bulls

Emptying the Noggin
• Hard to have imagined anything other than a 2-3 road trip. I thought the guys played hard in all 5 games of the trip. That is a huge part of winning in this season is putting out huge effort. Talking with people around the league they all talk about that the Jazz play hard.

• The Jazz just don’t have the offensive muster to handle the top defensive teams in the NBA. The Jazz spent all of training camp working defense but in the opening four games of the season it became very clear this team would have a hard time scoring and that was clear in the last two games against the top defensive teams that Jazz still struggle to put points on the board.

• The Jazz are 19-21. I still am so impressed that this team has battled to a nearly .500 record.

• The Bulls were too good tonight. They are #1 team in the East for a reason and they showed it. Even without Noah their defensive rotations were solid and they closed windows in a hurry.

• Paul Millsap’s activity was the best I have seen in the last 10 to maybe 20 games

• Gordon Hayward is going to have to figure out how he is going to score in the half court in this league, is it as a shooter, is it off the dribble, will he be able to score in the paint or will it have to be pull ups.

• Kyle Korver put on a show he torched Josh, Gordon, CJ and Alec. He ran Alec off picks he had never experienced, CJ left him open for three mysteriously and Howard got caught numerous times on all of Korver’s tricks. He had the stroke and Rose feed him the ball.

• Derrick Rose is fabulous. He controls the game, he exploded when needed. He can get anywhere with the ball. He is a scoring point guard but involves his teammates and keep the game flowing.

• The Jazz have become a very poor statistical defensive team and it needs to be rectified. The Bulls shot 56% and the night before 53% to Philly and even Charlotte who is the worst offensive team in the NBA shot 47%. This is trending the wrong direction.

• Looking back on the road trip big quarters were an issue. Bulls shot 12/15 in the 3rd quarter. Sixers were 11 of 18 in the 4th; Charlotte shot 10 of 15 in the 4th; Cavs shot 11/19 in the 3rd quarter and Dallas were 12 of 20 in the 3rd and 10of 19 in the 1st

• Cj Miles had a miserable road trip shooting 7 of 34 (21%)

• Favors took just 1 shot tonight. Not sure why this is, did Chicago defensively take him so far out of what he does that he didn’t get any looks or was he not involved. Taj Gibson defended him and he is the best post defender on the Bulls other than Noah.

• Burks finished the road trip 11/24 and Hayward finshed over 50% shooting and averaging about 12 pts a game