EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz loss to the Sixers

Emptying the Noggin
• The 76ers are the best defensive team in the NBA and they showed it after the first quarter. The Jazz were able to get in the open court in the 1st quarter and force turnovers. However, after the first quarter the Sixers put the clamps down and took control of the game. The Jazz were stuck in the half court for most of the game. They couldn’t hit the outside shots and the Sixers bench put the clamps down.

• This was vintage how the Sixers win games.

• Andre Iguodala is the most underrated player in the NBA. Everyone wants to bang on him for his inability offensively to get a true go to guy but he is far and away the best wing defender in the NBA and dominates the game with his defensive ability.

• Derrick Favors continued his fabulous play. He showed more in the post tonight then he has at any point in his time with Utah. His defense continues to be very good and tonight his offense was as good as it has ever been. He has two more areas to improve, defensive rebounding and covering the post player who plays out on the floor.

• The 76ers defense annihilated our wing players. Josh Howard was totally taken out of his game. CJ tried to find a rhythm but his struggles continued. Raja hasn’t found his range since coming back from the injury. Gordon Hayward had a nice box score but had hard time with the basketball in numerous circumstances.

• The interesting thing about Phily is they are not an explosive team but they have won more games by 20 or more than any other team in the NBA. This is because their defense is relentless and they wear teams down. The Jazz did a pretty nice job of hanging in for most of the game but then with 6:30 left the Jazz went 5 minutes without a field goal and that is too much to overcome when you are already coming from behind.

• Paul Millsap had a nice first quarter. He is still struggling to score on post ups, simply isn’t but he is working other ways to get his points and he is beginning to get a few more Vintage Millsap buckets.

• Elton Brand did a nice job on Al Jefferson.

• Elton Brand must be a pretty big pro. He gets the ball 4 times early in the game and then he never sees it again and he defends his ass off all night. It is really impressive and it is why this team is this good defensively.

• Kanter has been struggling as of late. He is 9 of his last 28 from the field and tonight he was off defensively as well. He didn’t make his 2nd half rotation.

• Jazz shot 9 of 23 in the 2nd; 7 of 22 in the 3rd and 7 of 17 in the 4th but only after they went 4 of 4 to close the quarter in garbage time. Link those together and it is a 19 of 58 stretch and that is impossible to overcome.

• Tomorrow is a completely different level than tonight.

• Has anyone ever mentioned that if the guy who takes you most shots doesn’t have more pts than FGA you don’t win. Jefferson 14-14 tonight.