PLAYBOOK – Great rotation defense by Utah Jazz Youngsters v. Dallas

One play against Dallas showed me the growth of the Jazz young players. It was the final play of the 1st quarter. The Jazz had Watson, Burks, Miles, Favors and Kanter on the floor.

The Mavericks ran a high pick and roll with Terry and Nowitzki, one of the best late quarter combos in the NBA.

The Jazz play the pick and roll correctly pushing it to the side of the floor. Burks gets on Terry’s left shoulder and Favors reads the defense perfectly cutting off his sideline drive and making himself big.

Terry makes the pass back to Dirk and Watson rotates perfectly to Nowitzki at the top. The key here is look at Favors. He has already started his sprint to the corner to help Watson and Kanter is alert enough to realize he is going to need to be a part of this as well. This is the growth of these guys.

Roddy Beuabois gets the ball in the corner, he is not a great outside shooter so the Jazz are fortunate. However, Kanter closes hard and fast forcing him off the three point line. Burks has also done a nice job coming down to help on Kanter’s man. CJ has too be on his toes for a skip pass to Carter.

Favors is the next line of defense after his super effort to get over to the weakside after being part of the pick and roll defense and he forces Roddy into a bad shot and the Jazz get a stop.