INSIDER – Corbin to start Howard sends Hayward to the bench

The Utah Jazz first round draft pick from the 2010 NBA draft Gordon Hayward will move to the bench tonight for the first time all year with Raja Bell’s return to the line-up. A move that had been percolating for the last week or two week has come to fruition.

Coach Tyrone Corbin explained what he liked out of Josh Howard, “I like what we are getting from Josh in the starting group, the way he cut off when Al is posting up and the way he reads situations.”

Tyrone thinks this could assist Gordon as well, “ This is a way to get the ball in Gordon’s hand more with the second unit and run a few more things through him and pick the tempo up we have gotten stagnant with the second group.”

Over the last six games as a starter Howard has averaged, 13 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists while shooting 48%. The 7 rebounds might be most vital to this teams needs.

The new starting line-up of Harris, Bell, Howard, Millsap and Jefferson is the most veteran line-up Corbin can put on the floor. “Most experience we have on this team, should give us a chance at the beginning of the game. Veteran guys know how to prepare themselves on how to play as we go down the stretch trying to make the playoffs,” explained Corbin.

Gordon said all the right things about the move to the bench, with each answer to each question coming out about the exact same ““Whatever the team needs, it doesn’t matter, help the team win” and “It doesn’t matter come in with the same mindset and help the team win.” And “ You can only control how you do on the court” and “ Same mindset get better each day, play good defense whatever it takes to win, don’t want to make a big deal just help this team get wins that is what we need.”

Corbin wouldn’t commit to what the second unit would be mentioning both Miles and Burks as playing with Gordon. However, he says he is more comfortable with playing Burks, Gordon, Kanter and Favors together, “it is not at beginning of the season, we have a history we have a understanding of what guys are going to do. That is what scared me at the beginning of the year is that they were so young together, they now know what to expect and we will see how they respond.”

The Jazz are currently 11th in the West three games behind Denver for the 8th spot and Corbin is trying to make his playoff push with a veteran core and an energy based young bench.