EMPTYING THE NOGGIN — Jazz beat the Cavs

• Jazz get a must needed road win over the Cavs, give the Jazz credit for taking control of the game in the 2nd quarter and blowing this game out and then holding on for the win. Then realize the Cavs looked awful. They weren’t engaged at all early in the game. The Jazz took advantage of that and for that they deserve credit.

• Gordon Hayward reacted exactly as you would want him to react to being benched. He is a tough competitor and he was appropriately pissed today and it showed.

• Before the game I was with Earl Watson and I asked him about getting Gordon going, and he said that he would outlet to him on the wing so he could play in space as much as possible and then once in the half court run a lot of side pick and roll with him and a big. It worked.

• The second unit is better for Gordon in a lot of ways. It gets him the ball in the open floor and it allows him to play with the ball in his hand and that is when he is at his best and engaged.

• Al Jefferson lead the team in points, rebounds and assists tonight. Before the game Byron Scott said in his keys to the game that they were not going to let Millsap and Jefferson beat them and they would be sending double teams and prevent the inside game from dominating. Jefferson took advantage with 7 assists, a new career high. Most remarkable he had zero turnovers. Jefferson has become a willing passer.

• Before the game I was talking with Devin Harris and we were talking about what he needs to do to get going in this offense. He said I have to go in transition, but when I mentioned the guys he plays with don’t run a lot he laughed looked at me and basically said I don’t need to have anyone run with me. He showed that early in the game as he was a one man fast-break.

• Derrick Favors played as well as I have seen him. In the second quarter the Cavs shot 3 of 16 in the 2nd quarter and Favors lead the way defensively. He was everywhere.

• I feel like Favors is about to take a big step. His offense is still really raw but he is playing the game with a lot of confidence right now.

• Favors had a great post move tonight when he caught on the left block and drove baseline and finished on the reverse side. That is a nice compliment to back to the basket left block move where he goes to the middle with a hook.

• Burks really battled on the defensive end tonight on Sessions

• Devin Harris says he knee is ok not too serious but he didn’t say no problem. Tinsley was ok, he hit two set shot threes that will make everyone think he had a good night but I didn’t love the way he ran the team and I thought he was pretty loose with the ball in some key possessions. After a few mistakes he seemed to tighten the screws and play better

• Raja’s three point streak came to an end tonight and he seemed rusty on the floor and with his passing.

• It is worth taking a moment and looking at the Cavs roster compared to the Jazz. The Jazz have 4 pieces for the future and some other assets that are tradable or can be a part of the future. By trading Deron before he went to free agency they gained three of those and gained them two years ahead of when they would have. The Cavs on the other hand, went to the wire with LeBron got nothing in exchange and have 2 pieces for their future Irving and Thompson and nothing else on the roster. The Jazz could add two more pieces this draft and the Cavs will add one . That is a pretty huge difference by acting early on the Jazz part. Cleveland couldn’t do that they were close to a title and it was the home