BREAKDOWN – Jazz Defense v. Rockets last night compared to Feb 19th

Last night the Jazz put together one of their better defensive performances of the season. Ten nights earlier against the exact same team the Jazz got blitzed. Looking at synergy sports revealed some interesting numbers.

In the game on Feb 19th the Rockets ran 29 plays that were initiated and ended off a pick and roll. 21 of the 29 ended in the hand of the ball handler. On those 21 plays the Rockets shot 7 of 12, 2 of 3 from three and scored on 53% of the possessions. The roll man scored on 4 of the 8 possessions.

Last night, the Rockets only had 13 plays end on a pick and roll. This means that on the initial attempt off pick and roll well and forced the Rockets to move to the next option. Of the 13 pick and rolls the Rockets consummated they shot just 4 of 8 and scored on just 30% of the plays.

By denying the pick and roll the Jazz seemed to force the Rockets into more spot up shots. Unlike the game on the 19th when the Rockets hit 10 of 17 spot ups and 7 of 11 from three the shots didn’t fall last night. The Rockets were 10 of 22 on spot ups and 5 of 14 from three. The score % on spot ups on the Feb 9th game was 61% this time it was 42.3%.

The defense of the pick and roll meant the Rockets weren’t able to penetrate the same way and therefore didn’t have as much room and time for their spot up shots.

Favors and Kanter both defending the pick and roll well last night as I watched the film. It was a stark contrast to how Paul Millsap defended the pick and roll in Houston.