Emptying the Noggin – Jazz win over the Rockets 104-83

• Has to be one of the best defensive performances of the year by the Jazz. The Rockets killed the Jazz with the high pick and roll last time we played and tonight the Jazz never allowed Kyle Lowry to get going. Favors was awesome on the shadow defense. When Lowry probed off the pick and roll Favors didn’t allow him to make it into the paint. When Lowry went on the search dribble Favors was long and he was able to suffocate Lowry when he got into the paint.

• Favors didn’t play every well against Scola in the 1st quarter but Scola didn’t impact the game despite his 18-10.

• If I get time I will do a Film Study on the difference pick and roll defense from last meeting to this one and have more details.

• The Jazz were awful in the 1st quarter. They were loose with the ball. They committed 10 turnovers and then something changed.

• The Jazz held the Rockets to 6 of 21 shooting in the 2nd quarter and 6 of 19 in the 3rd quarter. The defense was great.

• Devin Harris was the best player on the floor for most of the night until he got sick. He went to the locker room for the 4th quarter with nausea

• CJ !!!!! So nice to see CJ have a good game. Just the second time this season he has scored 20 or more points. He found his three point range for the first time.

• The youngsters all played well. Favors seemed disengaged early but finished the night with 6 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. He was a force on defense. Burks looks more comfortable every time he plays. Burks rebounds well out of the guard position and makes plays, he had 2 incredible assists and 2 nice finishes at the rim.

• Hayward was not good to start tonight but made some plays later and hopefully this will give him some confidence. He was despondent about the end of the last few games when he didn’t make the plays.

• Al Jefferson was a very good passer tonight. The Jazz were cutting and moving without the ball and giving him a chance to make passes and find people. Too often this year the Jazz have been standing still. Jefferson has been taking the blame for not sharing the ball, however after watching the team tonight it has to be questioned if it has been Jefferson fault or if guys were not moving and getting open. He was a willing passer tonight.

• Jeremy Evans had a tough first stint on the floor and then followed with some of the best basketball he has played. Evans has to be an energy player who uses his athletic skills to make a different and he did that in the 4th.

• Love Josh Howard’s 7 rebounds
• Thought Kevin Martin would be a big problem for the Jazz without Raja Bell tonight but Josh Howard and Gordon Hayward did a very nice job on Martin and he missed some shots he usually makes as well.

• Since we all like to have chatter after the game the discussion tonight can be Favors impact on the defense and with Howard and Burks playing well and CJ having a good game what does Tyrone do with the minutes if Raja is ready on Friday or Saturday.

• Very strong effort from the Jazz tonight.