INSIDER – Favors reaction to Rising Stars Bid

Derrick Favors will be joining Gordon Hayward in the Rising Stars game in Orlando for All-Star weekend. Both of the Jazz 2nd year players will be on Team Chuck. Favors was named today as a replacement for Spurs 2nd year player Tiago Splitter.

Just talked to Favors at our hotel in Minneapolis. He is really excited to go to the game. His agent called him this morning and told him there was a chance but that nothing was official. He was planning on going to Orlando for All-Star break for one night and then going to Atlanta to see family. Now he will be staying a little longer.

Favors will be heading from Minnesota directly to Orlando as will Gordon Hayward.

This is a nice well deserved honor for Favors. Favors is in a tough spot right now. He is not getting a huge amount of minutes and so it has been difficult for him to put his stamp on a game. Moreover, those minutes are with other inexperienced players.

This will be a nice confidence boost to Favors and let him know that he is being recognized for what he is doing despite not getting an endless supply of minutes.

For the Jazz organization it is nice to have two members playing in this game while arguably the most deserving Enes Kanter is being left out. I have a feeling the Jazz will have 2 players in this game a year from now as well.