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Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you his daily podcast. He opens with the NBA 5 and then moves into a deep dig on the Utah Jazz.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz lose the opener

  • Sometimes the other guys are really good. The Jazz built a game plan to slow down Harden and keep Harden off the line. That worked pretty well. Harden went 6-for-18 from the field and hit just 1 of 5 from three, and he only had six free-throw attempts after taking 16 the night before. Harden has made more free throws than all but two players have taken over the last two years. However, Harden is one of the top three or so offensive players in the NBA and it showed. He dished out 10 assists and created for his teammates.
  • Great note from Andy Larsen at Salt City Hoops—all 10 of Harden’s assists were for 3-pointers.
  • The Rockets were 7-for-8 on corner threes—the Jazz last year were the worst team in the NBA defending the corner three.
  • You could see the offensive movement and the ability to get good looks. The Jazz shot 60% in the first half.
  • The 3-point shooting edge was considerable. The Rockets hit 14 of 27 from three and the Jazz were just 3-for-18. Last year, the Jazz missed a ton of uncontested jumpers. It will be interesting to see those numbers tonight. Felt like the Jazz got some looks but couldn’t knock them down.
  • The Jazz are very balanced offensively. Trey Burke took 16 shots. Kanter took 12.  Hawyard and Burks took 11 each, and Favors and Booker had 10. At some point, the Jazz may have to prioritize these possessions.
  • Trey Burke led the Jazz on a nice 10-0 run at the end of the third quarter. This cut the game down to three at the end of quarter, but the Rockets burst out to open the fourth quarter to take control of the game.
  • The game opened as a post battle. Howard scored 10 of the first 12 points of the game for the Rockets, and Favors had 8 of the first 10 for the Jazz. The Jazz were single-teaming Howard, but Favors picked up a foul early so the Jazz used Kanter more on Howard, and Howard had his way.
  • The Rockets’ Kostas Papanikolaou is nice player. He shots the heck out of the ball and he has a little dribble game.
  • Cool story that Danté Exum and his childhood favorite player Joe Ingles make their NBA debut on the same team on the same night.
  • Utah’s starting lineup was really good on offense. They hit 10 of 16 and scored 26 points in 11 minutes.
  • Can the Jazz play offense when Rudy Gobert is on the floor? Tonight the Jazz were  12-for-36 shooting with Gobert on the floor. The rest of the game the Jazz were 26-for-45. It’s not all Rudy, but the different between 33% and 58% is considerable and worth keeping an eye on. Rudy is an amazing force defensively, but the Jazz have to figure out how to score with him in the game.
  • I believe Dwight Howard only had two of his 22 points when being guarded by Rudy.
  • The Jazz went small with Hayward at the four, and in those three minutes the Jazz were -7.
  • Utah’s pace of play was 91 possessions—that is not quick.
  • Talk to you from Dallas.

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