Thoughts as I watch the final 5 minutes of the regulation and the overtime
• Incredible defense by Favors sliding out on Paul George and forcing him into a fade away 18 footer with 4:49 left. Derrick Favors stayed with Paul George

• Really hard to ask Elijah Milsap to be ready for this speed

• Trey Burke threw some incredible passes

• Offensive foul on Hayward was a good call.

• Huge shot by Gordon. Indiana by 6 with 3:29 left. Stuckey goes under pick and roll and Gordon in his sweet spot, angle right, rises and buries a 3. Huge shot #1

• Jazz double PG in post guarded by Gordon with 2:40 left. Good team defense. Dig out by Hood. Booker stunts at Stuckey who gets the pass out of the post from George. Hood closes out. Poor 3 point shooter in Stuckey has no where to go shoots three and misses. Indiana still leads it 104-101 with 2:26 left

• With 2:02 left in 4th Indiana runs a 1/3 pick and roll with George and Hill. Jazz switch it. Leaves Trey Burke on Paul George. He has no chance. Pacers score. But this is the last time Jazz will switch this. The Jazz will double for rest of game and the Pacers keeping trying to go back to it.

• Trevor Booker saves the game. Hayward misses on drive down 5 with 1:37 left and if Indiana gets the rebound game might be over. Instead Booker offensive rebound and bucket – Huge Shot #2

• Interesting Hayward guards Paul George but Rodney Stuckey took Hayward on the other end

• 1:26 left – next Pacers play they ran the same 3/1 pick and roll and Jazz trap PG and get it out of his hands. Stuckey hits a pull up J with :1 on shot clock. Pacers 108-103 with 1:18 left.

• 1:08 left – Hayward beats PG on left hand drive. Lavoy Allen has to come help. Favors does an awesome job of making himself available for the pass by hanging back and bit and gets a good pass from G and is fouled. Favors hits 1 FT – 108-104 with 1:05 left – Huge Shot #3

• Strange move by Vogel. He takes CJ Miles out and puts in another big. So Indiana plays the next possession with 2 bigs. Lavoy Allen misses 17 footer that would have been a CJ three.

• Mahiimi misses both free throws. Jazz ball 108-104 with :42

• Favors misses tough look and missed a wide open Gordon Hayward in the corner. WIDE OPEN. But foul on Mihimini on rebound and Jazz get another shot. Booker lured him into the foul. Bad call. Booker earned this one by fighting but bad call by officials.

• Booker makes one with :31.1 seconds left to make it 108-105 but Jazz rebound the miss. Favors knocks it out of Hills hand, Booker knocks it away from Mahimi, and Hayward gets it. Bullets a pass to Booker who is fouled and goes back to the line.

• Booker makes it 108-107 with both free throws and :27 left

• Jazz trap in bound. Create havoc. Ball gets to Paul George up 1 with 22 seconds left and he inexplicably shoots up 1. Looked like Jazz were trying to foul.

• Paul George makes two free throws Jazz down 3 with 16.4 seconds left.

• No timeout by Jazz – AB goes straight line brings three defenders to him and makes a great pass to Favors for the bucket and now a free throw to tie. Incredible pass and super tough shot by Favors. He was going full steam about to go past the glass. Alec was close to horizontal wrapping the pass around the Pacers bigs – Huge SHOT #4


• Super D by Favors forces George to miss a pull up jumper. Great help

• Pacers run the 3/1 pick and roll. Jazz trap again taking ball out of PG hand and Favors makes an incredible play to deflect ball and then save it to Hayward. 3:26 left. Pacers by 1

• Super play by Paul George on an unselfish pass to Allen to put Pacers up 3 with 2:57 left

• Maybe the play of the game. 7 seconds on shot clock Pacers up 1 with 2:40 left and out of a time out the Pacers try to run the Elevator Door play and PG gets tripped going through the elevator door and Hayward gets ball and dunks on other end. Jazz lead it

• 2:00 minutes left Pacers back up 1. Hayward throws really bad pass and it gets deflected into the backcourt and PG fouls Hayward with :03 on shot clock when he is stuck in the backcourt. Jazz get fresh clock and take advantage on a Favors dunk. Nice pass from Trey Burke

• Hayward misses on a runner. Booker grabs another rebound but gets it stripped and the Pacers turn it into a fast break Jazz down 1 with 1:03 left. – Huge Shot #5

• Pacers go back to 3/1 pick and roll and the Jazz trap it and force a turnover. So Pacers go the switch once. Then Jazz trap it three straight time and Pacers don’t get anything out of it.

• Up 1 with 18.6 seconds left. Favors slips the pick for the first time in the final 10 minutes rather than setting the pick and Trey Burke finds him. Favors finishes it over traffic.

• Jazz pick and rolled everything from the top in the overtime

• Solid defense from Jazz forcing CJ into a missed 3. Nice close on CJ from both Elijah who was guarding Hill and Alec.

• Pacers get a 2nd chance. They inbound to Stuckey inside the 3 point line. For some reason, not sure what Elijah Millsap goes to Stuckey and doubles him inside the arch. They pass back to Hill who gets a good look, though Elijah scrambles back quickly,. Lucky break.

• Heck of a game great fun

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – So much to say about Jazz win over Pacers

• Holy smokes what a game. What a week. Incredible basketball played at Vivint Smart Home Arena all week. Tonight the stars were out of this world and this game had plays and plays and plays worth talking about. Gotta be honest my head is still spinning, I am not actually sure everything that happened to get the Jazz a win.

• Without Rudy the Jazz margin to win is small. So everyone has to play at a really high level and that is what happened tonight. The Pacers had won 12 of 15, have the 4th best differential in the NBA and the 5th best efficiency differential. This is a really good team and they have one heck of a star in Paul George. Paul George was other worldly. So to win everyone had to be big.

• The Jazz stars had to be the biggest and Derrick Favors had his career night. He had 35 points, he had 12 in the 4th quarter and overtime. He buried 4 of 5 free throws in that span. He was mammoth around the rim, finishing in traffic. He did it all. He had an amazing dribble drive. He caught passes in traffic, he finsihedf in crowds.

• Trevor Booker playing with the flu and feeling it in a bad way found a way to get 7 rebounds and 7 points in the 4th and overtime.

• The Jazz had a hard time defending in the 2nd and 3rd quarters allowing 65 points but found a way in the final 17 to only allow 35.

• The Jazz executed the game plan terrifically tonight. The Pacers are the #1 catch and shoot team in the NBA and the Jazz made them play with the ball off the deck. In the first half the Pacers were 2 for 11 on catch and shoot. They started to hit them in the2nd half but they took fewer than they usually do. Paul George hit some shots that weren’t fair. CJ Miles couldn’t get the catch and shoot game going, George Hill was forced to play off the bounce.

• Jeff Withey throws really good outlet passes.

• Rual Neto had a great third quarter. He had a career high 13 point and scored 8 straight at one point in the third.

• Quin used every guy he had available tonight

• The amount of plays Derrick Favors made tonight that swung the tenor of the game is unreal. Free throws, big baskets all that had to be made.

• Don’t want to ignore Gordon – 22 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and I know this is crazy when the dude drops 48 but I think if we go back and watch his defense on PG was solid, PG was just unreal.

• Jazz defense was sharp tonight and Indiana still dropped 119 and hit on 12 of 29 from 3. Largely, due to Paul George 8 for 11. Indiana is going to win a lot of game.

• Trey Lyles looked like he belonged tonight. If you were watching you would not have known he was a rookie.

• Really strong night for Trey Burke – 19 points and 7 assists.

• I’m going to do a special Noggin on all the big plays. Just a super win for the Jazz.

BREAKDOWN – Re-watch of the 4th quarter of Jazz v. Dallas

Re-Watch of 4th quarter of Jazz win over Mavericks

• Hood 3 – started in diagonal line. Jazz have gotten rid of the stack plays out of timeout because they were being held all the time and never called. Hood came from left corner all the way to the top and then waits. Lyles just posted Parsons to get the inbound. Now Gobert finds Hood and sets a pick on Hood’s man. Hayward comes from the inbound and also sets a pick on Hoods man. Deron who is guarding Hayward switches out of this mess onto Hood.
Great D by Deron. Lyles hands off to Hood and bumps Deron. Parsons steps out on Hood and forces an incredibly tough look. Dallas guards this near perfectly.

Great defensive switch by Gobert to make Deron Williams miss

• Pick and roll between Hayward and Favors was great early in the 4th quarter. Hayward throws the pocket pass at a high level for a big wing. Jazz just kept pounding this play everytime down. Scored and scored and scored.

• Gordon is 2 of 12 with 9:00 left in the 4th but he has dominated the first three minutes of the quarter with passing and playmaking.

• Chris Johnson defense on Deron Williams was important

• Huge play – Jazz run another pick and roll with Favors and Hayward. Zaza is now in the game and covers it perfectly denying a drive and a pocket pass. Hayward maintains the dribble in the lane and Favors moves over to a baseline jumper and hit the 13 footer. So big because Dallas guarded the first action perfectly and Hayward and Favors just played basketball at that point.

• Lyles in the game is giving the Jazz a lot of space for the Hayward/Favors pick and roll.

• Trey Lyles has really good basketball instincts. Wesley missed a 3. Mavericks got the offensive rebound and out of the scramble moved the ball to Parsons for a corner 3. Lyles started the possession on a switch, then fending off Zaza and as the ball starts to swing from right wing to left he is on the right side of the lane and gets out to the left corner to alter Chandler Parsons three who is not his man.

• Make or miss league Dallas missed some good looks mid way through the 4th quarter

• Great recognition by Hayward – two straight plays of pnr with Favors so Dallas shifted and he went straight line to the basket and Dallas had no rim protection in the game.

• When Favors needed a break Jazz went to the Hood/Lyles pick and roll. The options are increasing. Hood is an incredible shot maker.

• Dallas broadcast team called Neto feisty and compared him to JJ Barea

• Gobert’s block of D-Will is great but the play is made by Neto effort and Lyles willingness to dig down off Dirk and bother Deron route and making him become very methodical

• Raymond Felton had no chance guarding Hood. You can’t guard Hood if you are smaller than him.

• Rudy Gobert impressively active on defense

• Great use of timeouts by Quin to save one for the final play of regulation

• Favors free throw line jumper with no concern with 1:20 left to put Utah up 1. Wow. Confidence

• Chris Johnson hustle plays – loose ball rebound on first play of 4th quarter leads to a Favors dunk. With 7:29 l

LOTS OF EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz win remarkable game in Dallas

• Wow what a win. First win in Dallas since Jan of 2010. Only 5th time in 2 years and 62 tries a team has beat Dallas when trailing going to the 4th quarter. It is incredible to look back at how many plays the Jazz made to win this game.

• The obvious two are the shots by Hood and Hayward but it goes so much deeper. To come back from 9 down to win on the road against a good team takes huge amazing efforts and they happened.

• The Hood 3 from the left corner to tie the game is a play the Jazz either put in or refined during shootaround today. They literally practiced it with the ball coming into Trey Lyles and making him make the decision. Lyles set an incredible moving screen on Deron to free Rodney for the look from the corner.

• The Hayward game winner was perfectly executed. It got a switch with Zaza on Gordon. It used all the clock. You have to make sure at that point that you don’t give Dallas any chance at all and that is what the Jazz did. I loved that Quin left the bigs Favors and Gobert in on that play because it forces Dallas to have the bigs on the floor and then if they are switching you can get that match-up that Hayward got on Zaza. Lots of times coaches put 5 shooters on the floor but if you execute it right you don’t have to

• Chris Johnson has won two games for the Jazz this year with hustle plays on rebounds. He saved the ball in the Bulls game and tonight he did it again chasing down a ball to keep a possession alive.

• Favors had a huge 4th quarter 11 points on 5 of 6 shooting

• Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors worked the pick and roll and tore apart the Mavericks defense. Hayward had 3 assists in the 4th quarter and then 7 points as well.

• Rick Carlisle tonight after the game “That’s a team on the rise. That’s a team that is the future of our league and they made a strong statement tonight.”

• The fight and battle the Jazz showed tonight to be down by 15. Get hit by the incredible barrage of shots the Mavericks threw at them and to come back and take the lead but again be on the ropes and make the plays and stay engaged enough to pull out the win is really awesome.

• Rudy Gobert jam follow was something else late in the game.

• Jazz managed the end of the game perfectly

• The game was within one possession for the final 7:15 of regulation and all of overtime. That is 12:15 seconds of basketball with neither team up by more than 3.

• Rodney Hood got a mismatch on Raymond Felton and killed him. Hood is learning how to get his shot whenever he needs to and under duress. He has scored 20 in 7 of the last 10 and had only done that in 4 of the previous 39. He is a weapon. Not many guys have this type of stretch and then have it disappear. I have been hesitant to get too excited but he changed after the terrible game in Minnesota.

• With Hayward and Hood the Jazz are able to go at mismatches at the wing position and then if the other team has a big that can’t guard the Jazz can bring that big into the pick and roll. With the full complement of players the options are pretty endless

• Jazz defense in the 4th quarter was subperb. They got the Mavericks into the half court and shut them down. The Mavericks didn’t make a three in the 2nd half of the game after making only threes in the first quarter of the game

• The Mavericks had an answer for each adjustment the jazz threw at them. The Jazz cut off the drives early and the Mavs made threes then the Jazz closed out harder and the Mavs starting driving and finally the Jazz made the last adjustment and slowed down the Mavs in the 4th.

• Mavs ran the same set a lot with Deron and Dirk on the left wing and then Felton would pop out and come off a Zaza pick. That is hard to guard a multiple pick and roll and the Jazz did a pretty good job of it.

• Gordon Hayward had a tough start to the night and stayed engaged and fought through it and made the plays late. We will talk about his game winner but he made an incredible defensive play when he got switched on Dirk and denied the pass into the post and It killed Dallas possession. You need every one of those to win

• Deron was beasting Neto play after play and Neto came right back at him and drew a foul to get to the line. The kid has a lot of fight.

• Trey Lyles torched Dirk tonight. Killed him. Dirk had no chance guarding him. He pumped faked him twice, he nailed a jumper, he drove on him. He took him all night. He played huge minutes in the 4th quarter paired with Favors to lead the Jazz comeback.

• Jazz only played a point guard 30 of the 53 minutes tonight.

• Derrick Favors had 6 assists

• Hayward went 5 for 7 in the final 10 minutes of the game, all clutch time. He is now 15 of his last 24 in clutch in the last 6 games.

• Dirk Nowitzki didn’t have a field goal for the final 7 minutes of the game

• A great win for 7 in a row. Fought the whole game. Last road win this was v. the Clippers and that was right before all the injuries started.

• Jazz are 7-3 on the road with both Gobert and Favors with wins over Atlanta, Clippers, Indiana and Dallas.

• I could keep going. I’ll reach watch the game tomorrow and write more