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Brandy’s Story


Brandy has worked for Automated Business Products for 9 years and is currently Senior Technology Specialist.

I was always finding excuses to why I couldn’t eat healthy or exercise. Time, Money, Kids, Work, I’ll start tomorrow.


When I did start to work out I would always feel embarrassed to be at the gym because of how I looked.

The biggest change in my mind was seeing my family’s health decline. My dad had a stroke and was debilitated to a chair. He couldn’t speak, eat, or walk. I realized there are fates worse than death. Not being able to live fully. I wanted to be able to have fun with my kids instead of sitting and watching them play. To be there for them later in life and not have them have to take care of me.

I finally decided enough was enough. I had to do something about it. We walked into a sporting goods store to get gear for my kids for an upcoming weekend. There at the register was a “Biggest Loser” signup sheet for a local gym. I signed up for the 8 week program. Before that program was over I signed up for another 12 week program. Working out with a group to be accountable to was what I needed. A few weeks later I found eating healthy wasn’t helping me shed the weight quick enough. I wanted it faster. I signed up for a nutritional program.

20140314-brandysstory-3I went from not being able to run one lap around my son’s elementary school track, to running a half marathon in Moab, Utah in four short months. Eight months later, I’ve ran 2 Half Marathons, 1 10K, 8 5K’s and just endured a Triathlon Camp and kept up with the Tri athletes! I went from a size 18/20 to a size 8 in five months.

Just changing my nutrition and exercising, I have realized what I had been missing… LIFE.

Fear in front of you is an obstacle. Once you put fear is behind you, it is motivation.

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