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Bailee’s Dancer Diary ep. 1

  • March 23, 2015

Bailee gives you a look inside what it’s like to be an America First Jazz Dancer

Kait’s Diary: I Love My Job!

  • March 12, 2015

Hey Jazz fans!!!

Kait here coming to you with my very first Jazz Dancer Diary.


As an America First Jazz Dancer I get asked so many questions,  the most frequent question people ask me is, “Do you love dancing for the Jazz?” my answer is always the same, “Yes!!  I LOVE IT!!!”


There are many factors that contribute to my love of being a Jazz Dancer. First, I have the best job and I actually get paid to do the thing that I love the most, dance. I also get to spend nearly everyday

dancing with 20 of my closest friends – life just doesn’t get much better than that!


I have been blessed with many lifelong friendships during my time with the Jazz.  The women I work with are truly inspirational. They are smart, motivated and, not gonna lie, some of the most beautiful women inside and out. Many people may not realize that we are friends on and off the court.


We love to plan date nights, spend weekends together, and sometimes travel together. When I turned 21 last summer some of us took the most memorable road trip to my home town of Las Vegas. There is absolutely no better place or no better ladies to spend your 21st birthday with. The fact that I got to spend it with these special friends in my home town, and was able to celebrate by dancing the entire weekend made my 21st birthday one of the best memories of my life. These girls were  down to drop everything and  make my birthday special. That is why I love each of my Jazz girls so much.image2image1[2]IMG_0018

It’s rare to come by two or three true blue friends in a lifetime, but Ive been blessed to have many loyal, fun,and extremely talented friends.


Through all kinds of happy and sad experiences that life brings, it is a comfort to know that we all have each others backs.  We genuinely want the best for each other. I don’t think I would be who I am, or where I am for that matter, without the love and support from my Jazz “Sisters”.  I will be forever grateful to the Jazz for giving me so many incredible friends and opportunities!!

As always… GO JAZZ!!




Haley’s Diary: I Love My Job!

  • April 8, 2014

I can’t believe the season is almost over you guys!!! This year has absolutely flown by! And it’s been the funnest year of my life! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I just want to thank you all for being the greatest fans ever! Games would not be the same without you and your wonderful enthusiasm. I just want to share some pictures of my favorite moments from this year…

First of all the girls on this team are incredible. Not only are they stunningly beautiful on the outside, but they have the kindest hearts and are so loving. I feel so blessed to have met every single one of them, and they’re some of the most inspiring women I know. I made friendships to last a lifetime and am so lucky to call these girls my best friends.


Karlie, Whit, Me, Makenna


Dancing with my sweet dad


Dancing with my beautiful mama


..and that exciting moment when I spot my mom while cheering up in the stands.

I got to be a part of some amazing appearances this year that were so cool to get to participate in. From attending a little boy’s birthday party that is our biggest fan; supporting breast cancer awareness; providing children with shoes and socks who were so grateful to be getting them for Christmas; attending a fundraiser for a girl who had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and my hair stylist skills came in handy and I was able to help put in pink hair extensions for all those who came out to support; doing an appearance at the airport with our awesome basketball players; dancing at a high school to support a wonderful anti-bullying program the Bear has started, and getting to hear Chris Hollyfield speak on his experiences with bullying and that we all need to help put an end to it; and helping at the Leapin’ Leaners and Low Tops event at the arena. Countless memories that I feel honored to be a part of.


Sam, Katy, Gordon Hayward, Kait, Whitney, Makenna, and Me


Whit and Me with Mark Eaton. We’re tall ;)



Keva Juice runs after practice…. I think we went like 7 practices in a row. It always seems to sound good while dancing :)




When the Jazz win!!!! Beating the Heat was probably the most exciting game ever!!



When we beat the Lakers



I think you get the idea that I love my job right? Haha I hope you’ve enjoyed me being your dancer diary blogger, and that you got to see a little bit of what life is like for a Jazz Dancer. Thank you to everyone for all the support, I have the greatest family and friends a girl could ask for. I’ve met some amazing people through Jazz that have become my closest friends, and I’m so grateful for them in my life. We’ve had the funnest times already and I can’t wait for many more. I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity, and I’m so bummed this year is over! It’s one I’ll never forget :) Go Jazz!!!

Haley’s Diary: Bear Dance

  • March 7, 2014

Back in January I had the amazing opportunity to do a dance with the incredible Jazz Bear! It was honestly one of the highlights of the year for me. I had so much fun doing it so wanted to share some of the pictures with you…


At the beginning of the season the Bear came up to me and told me he did dances with a couple of the dancers every year, and asked if I would be one of them. I felt so honored that he asked me! But had no idea what to expect. He told me I would need choose the music, choreograph it, and pick costumes and everything! Not gonna lie I was a little nervous, but also very excited about the opportunity!


Image 2

I was having a hard time deciding what kind of dance to do, because I wanted to make it simple enough for him to remember, but also fun to watch. It was actually my mom who suggested doing a 50’s dance. When I ran this idea by the Bear he was so awesome and began coming up with a bunch of his own ideas for it too, which helped a lot! I had chosen to do the song “You’re the one that I want” from Grease because it’s such a well known, fun song. I wanted to do a whole Grease theme, so he would be Danny and I would be Sandy :) He then had the idea to bring in a few other dancers and a few guys from the Dunk Team and Bear Crew to make it a little group dance and have a little more going on, which I absolutely loved!!!

I choreographed the dance, then met with him a few times to teach it to him and also to see what sort of tricks he could do, like all the fun moves they do in 50’s style dances, which were no problem at all for him. I was really impressed by how well he remembered it each time as well!  We’d just practice on game days a little before the game so that we could get it down the best we could. Then as it got closer to when we’d actually perform it, we practiced with everyone a few times to teach them the dance and try out all the tricks in it. I can’t thank all the people enough that helped us with this dance! They all were so willing to help and spend they’re time on it and I really appreciated it! I have some really awesome friends :) Anyways we’d planned on doing the dance in December, but things just kept happening and it kept getting pushed back haha so we ended up not doing it until January 2nd at the game vs. the Bucks.

Image 6

Image 5

That night, I was actually really nervous for it – I’m not gonna lie. I just wanted it to go well and for everyone to love it :) We did it during the 3rd quarter break and my heart was pounding right before we went on, but luckily I had my girls there with me so it wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it’d be. As soon as the music started I immediately loosened up and felt so comfortable. The Bear totally rocked it!!!! Seriously! He remembered the dance perfectly, and did every trick the best we ever had! And it was soooo much freakin fun! I had such a blast and that’s a memory I’ll never forget. By far one of my favorite games of the year because all our hard work had paid off and it went so well, I couldn’t have asked for more. Especially from that crazy Bear, he did amazing and I’m sure people had no idea he could dance so well! Thanks again to those who helped me with this dance, I couldn’t have done it without you and you made it so much more fun to watch! And thank you Bear for such a wonderful experience!!!

Alex’s Diary: Favorite Memories

  • February 12, 2014

Hi Jazz Fans! I hope you are enjoying this basketball season as much as I am. I can’t even believe there is only a few more months left, this season has flown by!!! The Jazz Dancers and I have been reminiscing on many of the memories we have made during this season. It’s crazy to think that in just a few months it will be over! Where did the time go? Sometimes I feel like it goes by so fast because we are constantly busy and always working our hardest! However, I can’t really call it “work” when I’m having the time of my life while doing it, especially when my co-workers are some of my best friends!


Top: Krissy, Whitney H., Danica, Haley, and Bri. Middle: Chelsea, Whitney M., Alex (me), Alexia, Valerie, Kait, and Karlee. Bottom: Katy and Sam

I wanted to share with you some of the dancers and my favorite memories so far during this season. I think we’d all agree that this season has really gone by way too fast, however it’s nice to know that we will always have the memories that we made to look back on. These memories date back to the beginning of tryouts, through grueling summer workouts, appearances within the community, and recent eventful Jazz games that will go down in history!


Here are the veterans at the first day of tryouts; Nicole, Alex (me), Malorie, Sam, Valerie, Karlie, Chelsea, Angie, and Danica. That’s right! Even the returning Jazz Dancers must tryout out every year to maintain a spot on the team. I still remember the unsettling nerves in my stomach and the huge adrenaline rush when performing the tryout routine in front of the judges. This try out, as a veteran was still just as nerve wrecking as my rookie year tryout. However, it is comforting having prior teammates there who are experiencing the exact same thing! I will be honest in saying… I do not look forward to tryouts… Although it is fun meeting all of the candidates and seeing your hard work pay off after making the team. I will forever remember each tryout process and the incredible feelings of making the team!


Bri, Whitney, Kait, Alex (me), Katy, Chelsea, Nicole and Erica

During the summer of 2013 we were asked to make an appearance at the Color Run in Salt Lake. The Dancers and I constantly bring this appearance up because it was a BLAST to say the least! (Picture me saying that with my eyes bulging out of my head and my hands up in the air) It was that good!!! They asked us to cheer on the runners at the starting line and then perform as the runners were coming back from the finish line. We performed on a huge stage where there was a live DJ and tons of goodies being thrown out. We were ecstatic!!! Full of energy and nonstop dancing for a good four or five hours. There were hundreds and hundreds of people in the crowd which made it for an even more fun filled event!


Whitney and Alex (me)

Hahahaha… I can’t even find the words to describe this moment…hahahaha… This was back in the summer after Whitney and I…barley…made it through one of the many grueling summer workouts. On this day we ran the infamous “Millstreet” (dun dun dun)… Gives me chills just thinking about it. The “Millstreet” workout consists of an uphill street, yes that being Millstreet, next to Bountiful High school and by “uphill” I really mean a HUGE, INCLINED, LONG DISTANCE, MOUNTAIN that we run up and down. We do this every year, however you never know when our trainer Neil Anderson is going to surprise us with it… It’s a KILLER, for you folks at home that are interested in trying it, please be aware of the following side effects for the next day after running “Millstreet”: not able to sit, stand, walk or move. Your best bet is to recover from bed, but daaaaang it sure feels good to conquer it!!!


Top: Haley, Jan (coach), Whitney M., Alexia, Whitney H. Middle: Makenna, Karlie, Valerie, Nicole, Bri. Bottom: Sam, Angie, Krissy, Chelsea and Alex (me)

This picture is from our Christmas Party, which I might add was also a “game night” success! During our annual Christmas party, which I always look forward to a good time, we exchange gifts with our secret sisters over dinner. This year our captain, Nicole, decided to put a twist on things and we also brought a $5 favorite item to play white elephant with! After all of the gift exchanging was done and our bellies were full of taco soup, chips, salsa, diet coke and homemade treats we decided to split up into teams and play CATCH PHRASE! We agreed on whoever reached 5 points first would win…but then our competitiveness came out and we settled on whoever reached 10 points would be the WINNER! This game brought out chaos in us all!!! Hahaha… I loved every bit of it, we were all yelling over each other, attempting to guess the correct word that the other person was explaining. Let’s just say this game was a hit and we had the best group to play it with!


Whitney, Kait, Valerie, Alex (me), Krissy, Alexia, Erica, and Chelsea


Can anyone guess this all-time favorite memory? …Drumroll… That’s right! JERRY SLOAN night!!! This was a historical night in Jazz history when the Jazz paid tribute to Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan by raising a “1,223” banner to the Energy Solutions Arena rafters. It was such an amazing experience, standing on the court while Utah honored Jerry Sloan at halftime, first with a jersey and then the pull of a purple and white rope to reveal the banner. The crowd went wild!!! You could barely hear the congratulating speeches to Jerry Sloan from the familiar faces of John Stockton and Karl Malone. The dancers and I were so glad to be a part of the ceremony with thousands of other Jazz fans, it was truly an eventful night that we will always remember it.


Top: Malorie, Bri, Angie, Erica, Makenna, Krissy, Kait, Katy, Nicole, and Jan (coach). Bottom: Danica, Valerie, Alexia, Whitney M., Haley, and Chelsea

THE JAZZ BEAT THE HEAT 94-89!!! Yes, of course this is included as a favorite memory this season! How could I forget the recent victory that the Jazz made over the Heat! The dancers were thrilled to witness this huge achievement for our Utah Jazz. I feel like it definitely shows the talent that our guys have and also gets the fans spirits up, which of course makes it much more enjoyable for the dancers. GO JAZZ GO!

As you can tell, we really have experienced some of the best events around! Which we would have only had the opportunity to experience as Jazz Dancers. That being said, I cannot express enough how grateful I am to be a part of such a wonderful professional dance team and be able to share all of these and many more memories with such amazing, talented, and genuine women! Stay tuned for more Dancer Diaries to come, and a huge thanks to our fans! We love you! #GOJAZZGO


I wanted to give a shout out and congratulate the Jazz Dancer’s incredible captain, Nicole! She has been selected to represent our team at the 2014 NBA All-star Game, live on February 16th in the City of New Orleans. What an awesome opportunity!!! The dancers and I want to wish Nicole the best of luck, not that she will need it. Nicole is such a talented dancer and never disappoints. Not to mention she always puts her whole heart into what she is doing, while looking fierce and fabulous. We love you Nicole and are so proud of you! -Love your JD’s