Haley’s Diary: Bear Dance

Back in January I had the amazing opportunity to do a dance with the incredible Jazz Bear! It was honestly one of the highlights of the year for me. I had so much fun doing it so wanted to share some of the pictures with you…


At the beginning of the season the Bear came up to me and told me he did dances with a couple of the dancers every year, and asked if I would be one of them. I felt so honored that he asked me! But had no idea what to expect. He told me I would need choose the music, choreograph it, and pick costumes and everything! Not gonna lie I was a little nervous, but also very excited about the opportunity!


Image 2

I was having a hard time deciding what kind of dance to do, because I wanted to make it simple enough for him to remember, but also fun to watch. It was actually my mom who suggested doing a 50’s dance. When I ran this idea by the Bear he was so awesome and began coming up with a bunch of his own ideas for it too, which helped a lot! I had chosen to do the song “You’re the one that I want” from Grease because it’s such a well known, fun song. I wanted to do a whole Grease theme, so he would be Danny and I would be Sandy 🙂 He then had the idea to bring in a few other dancers and a few guys from the Dunk Team and Bear Crew to make it a little group dance and have a little more going on, which I absolutely loved!!!

I choreographed the dance, then met with him a few times to teach it to him and also to see what sort of tricks he could do, like all the fun moves they do in 50’s style dances, which were no problem at all for him. I was really impressed by how well he remembered it each time as well!  We’d just practice on game days a little before the game so that we could get it down the best we could. Then as it got closer to when we’d actually perform it, we practiced with everyone a few times to teach them the dance and try out all the tricks in it. I can’t thank all the people enough that helped us with this dance! They all were so willing to help and spend they’re time on it and I really appreciated it! I have some really awesome friends 🙂 Anyways we’d planned on doing the dance in December, but things just kept happening and it kept getting pushed back haha so we ended up not doing it until January 2nd at the game vs. the Bucks.

Image 6

Image 5

That night, I was actually really nervous for it – I’m not gonna lie. I just wanted it to go well and for everyone to love it 🙂 We did it during the 3rd quarter break and my heart was pounding right before we went on, but luckily I had my girls there with me so it wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it’d be. As soon as the music started I immediately loosened up and felt so comfortable. The Bear totally rocked it!!!! Seriously! He remembered the dance perfectly, and did every trick the best we ever had! And it was soooo much freakin fun! I had such a blast and that’s a memory I’ll never forget. By far one of my favorite games of the year because all our hard work had paid off and it went so well, I couldn’t have asked for more. Especially from that crazy Bear, he did amazing and I’m sure people had no idea he could dance so well! Thanks again to those who helped me with this dance, I couldn’t have done it without you and you made it so much more fun to watch! And thank you Bear for such a wonderful experience!!!