Alex’s Dancer Diary

Hi Jazz Fan’s, Alex here! I am beyond thrilled that basketball season has begun and is in full swing. There is no greater feeling than dancing at EnergySolutions Arena with 18 of my favorite girls, while cheering on our Utah Jazz. Us, Jazz Dancers have been training intensively for the all of the home games ahead. When we aren’tgetting our booty’s kicked by our personal trainer GPP’s very own Neil Anderson, we are busy cramming our brains with numerous dance routines choreographed by the best of the best!

Outside of the tunnel at ESA with Katy, Kait, Karlie, Erica, Whitney, Danica and Alexia

Hopefully you have been to some of the Jazz games not only to watch the Jazz, but to see the exhilarating dance routines we’ve been performing. We’ve done everything from coming back from the dead as Zombies to boxing the Jazz Bear. It has been a blast performing a different dance routine at each game. I believe we are going on 34 dances learned and counting!!! There is never a break during the season, we are always on the go!

Opening night was a blast to say the least. We were what I like to call “Zombiefied” by our talented hair and makeup stylists, known as The Garden Salon and Day Spa. Can you believe we went from Zombies back to Jazz Dancers in less than 5 minutes? Let’s just say it was pure chaos in our locker room that night!

All of the Jazz Dancers ZOMBIEFIED
Whitney and myself, getting into the Zombie Zone

How about the Harley Davidson Motorcycles that we used as props in our biker routine! Can you say “Bad to the bone?” hahaha I loved how we were all suited in biker gear head to toe, it really made me want a gold sparkly Harley for myself!

A bunch of the dancers posing around one of the Harley’s
Nicole (the Jazz Dancer’s amazing Captain) and myself, twinning in our leather gear

One of my all time favorite routines was choreographed by our Coach, Jan Whittaker. I like to call this one, GATSBY as in The Great Gatsby!!! The gold fringe dresses and the song “A little party never killed nobody” by Fergie and you’ve got me dancing out of my shoes. I’m a little obsessed!!!

Pretending to be Daisy Buchanan, from The Great Gatsby with Erica and Chelsea

Last but not least, how could I forget about boxing with the Jazz Bear? Us, Jazz Dancers threw on our boxing gloves and were ready to rumble with Bear like champs! Best believe we took him down and were the last ones standing! #floydmayweatheralex7

The Jazz basketball season is flying by, therefore I’m making the most of every moment and capturing all of the wonderful memories we’ve been making along the way. With this being my second season as a Jazz Dancer, I’m pleased to say it just keeps on getting better! I feel so thankful to have this job opportunity and work with the best people around. The Jazz have been working as hard as ever and have had a lot of close games which keeps everyone on their toes. I cannot wait to see their progress at upcoming games while cheering them on courtside. Stay tuned for some more Jazz Dancer action and as always Go Jazz GO!!!