2013-krissy-200Hi I am Krissy! This is my fourth year dancing with the Jazz Dancers, although it feels like my first. Time has flown and I have absolutely loved every minute! I have been a Jazz fan since I can remember. My dad and I were at just about every game growing up. Utah Jazz basketball and dance together are the PERFECT combination!

When I am not dancing or working, you’ll usually find me spending time with my husband and family. I love being at home, playing games and watching movies. I also love the outdoors! Camping, hiking, boating, snowboarding, Flow Riding… You name it! Laughing and making memories is another hobby of mine, one that I do as often as possible!

Dance is my passion; I love everything about it. I believe dance has molded me into who I am today. It is what puts a smile on my face and keeps my soul happy every day. I’m thankful for this amazing opportunity I have had to dance with the Utah Jazz and am excited for the upcoming season. Go Utah!