2013-haley-200Hey guys! I’m Haley, I was born January 10th 1988, and I feel like I’ve already done this because I’m one of the dancer diaries girls this year haha so I’ll try to give you different information from what I did in my first blog postโ€ฆ As you may already know, this is my first year as a Jazz Dancer, and I’ve loved every second of it! It’s been the greatest opportunity and I feel lucky to call this my job. I grew up cheering and dancing so it’s a huge passion of mine. The fact that I get to cheer on a team I love, with some of my closest friends, is honestly a dream come true.

I’m a huge sports girl! I absolutely looooove sports! You can pretty much always find me at any type of sporting event. My friend and I basically spent the entire summer at Bee’s games, and the pool ๐Ÿ™‚ Baseball and basketball are my favorites!! I could watch them on tv for hours.

I also love to travel! And try to whenever I can. I love short random trips to Vegas, or St. George, and Cali. I’m obsessed with cruises. My family goes on one pretty much every year and it’s something I look forward to all year. But I’m desperate to go to Europe! A few more random facts about me- I have a little yorkie, Paisley, and she’s always by my side when I’m at home. I seriously love that little dog! I have one older brother, who’s married to a girl named Hailey! So that gets pretty confusing. And I’m addicted to card games, I take advantage of every chance I can to find people that will play with me, and it makes me one happy girl! Go Jazz!!! ๐Ÿ™‚